Monday, August 11, 2014

OPI DS - My Growing Collection

Hi there!

Meant to have these posted sooner but didn't get them scheduled so...yeah, moving on.

I've been buying up the available OPI DS polishes I find on Amazon. Most of what I'm getting, though, are newer. I might have some older but none of the really older, really gooder ones. 

Yes, I said gooder....what?

So far I haven't seen one of these that I don't like. Not all are holographics but then they don't all have to be...and I can't believe I just said that.....anyway. These are the latest 6 I've obtained. A good mix of holo, glitter and shifting shimmer (did that just rhyme?).

Shall we being with the shifting shimmers?

This is Luxurious.

Luxurious is a glowy orange when taken as a sum of its parts but individually there is a sheer magenta base with gold and orange glitter. I just love this color. 

Then there's Indulgence, what I consider to be Luxurious' darker, more intense sister.

Same combination of parts but at a deeper level. The magenta base here is almost purple but with the same gold and red glitter. Oh, the pics had to be without flash because with flash, Indulgence just looked intensely red. These at least give you a hint of what this one truly looks like.

I mentioned shifting on these two, did I not? Well, maybe shifting isn't the correct term but the colors do perform a subtle change with the change in angle. Luxurious shows up a bit more red at some angles while the magenta base shows up more prominently when Indulgence is viewed at an angle. Not true shifters, perhaps, but the nuance of the concept is definitely there.

Ok, onward. 

Next we have the glitters.

This one is Bold.

I just could not get a good picture of Bold because the glitter factor is off the scale with this one. It's another sheer magenta base packed to bursting with pink glitter. I would probably use this one as a topper because it is rather sheer. It's been a few days since I swatched this but I'm pretty sure this is at least 3 coats of the polish. Still, I love a sparkly pink.

The other glitter is almost a category all by itself. This is Lapis.

Lapis is as different from Bold a it could possibly be. Lapis dries to a softly textured, matte finish with lots of sparkle. Lapis also has multiple personalities - perfect for a Gemini like me. The above pictures are with flash. This next one is without flash.

A lot less purple but no less sparkly. 

Now, we could just leave Lapis all matte and sparkly but what happens when a glossy top coat is applied?


Wow. Just wow. And the picture doesn't even begin to show just how glorious this polish is glossed up. At least you can see how much deeper the color becomes and the sparkle - another off the scale phenomenon. 

Whew! Let's just catch our breath here before we move on to the holos, shall we?

Now, the holos I'm about to show you are not intensely linear. In fact, I wouldn't even call them linear per se. They are nicely scattered, though. Sort of an unorganized rainbow effect but still lovely.

Let's take a look at Reflection.

Reflection is a deep rose pink with very fine holographic glitters that, as I said, are more scattered than linear. 

Reserve, on the other hand shows the holo a bit better.

And I'm so glad these pics actually show that. Pale rose in color, this one is very feminine and even though this isn't my normal, I am looking forward to wearing this as a full manicure. There's just something about it and I do believe it may be my favorite of the six. 

Long post but I hope you enjoyed it. I have three others in the DS line, one you've already seen, Extravagance. The other two are buried somewhere in the stash and when I find them while getting things more organized, I will definitely post swatches.

Off to do more posts that should have been done last week but weren't. Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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