Saturday, August 30, 2014

Sinful Colors Real Teal

It's Saturday and ragweed has finally managed to kick my butt but good. Nevertheless, I wanted to get this up here because this is going to be the base for my fish tail/braided manicure. Well, accent nail, anyway.

I also wanted to share what I hope is the miracle cure for that nail on my right hand that just insists upon splitting before it gets very long.

I had been using just a brush on nail glue and that did seem to help but just the glue wasn't a good solution. So, I ordered some Swiss Silk self adhesive nail wraps to use with the glue.

Even though the glue indicates it's pink, the color really doesn't show up with use. 

I'm sorry now that I didn't think to take pictures as I was applying the wrap but I will do that when the wrap needs replaced. They will soak off with acetone so eventually, it will need to be redone. I will say that once the glue was applied and I buffed everything smooth, I couldn't really tell that anything was there. The glue made the silk virtually invisible. Then the polish went on and...

The patch is on the tip of my ring finger, in that corner closest to the middle finger. The only thing I'm not all that happy with is how the glue prevents the nail from forming the normal C-curve so the tip looks a bit flared. I might try applying a bit of pressure as it dries the next time to see if I can make it curve a bit more but that's probably being nitpicky.

Ok, on to that gorgeous polish.


Real Teal is one of the new Sinfuls that came out recently. It's out of the Silk line that dries to a silky matte finish. Trouble with that is the lovely blue shimmer doesn't show as well as it does with top coat. 

 no flash
no flash

With top coat, this polish has a depth of sparkle that makes it look almost 3D to me. It is on the sheer side (pics are three coats and you can still see some visible nail line), so I'm not sure how well it'll work for the fish tail/braided manicure. Everything I've read and watched says to use opaque colors but I'm going to give it a try anyway. Still considering what the other two colors will be. I do know they will be highly contrasting. 

Well, I'm off to indulge in some antihistamine, which means I'll be nodding off in a few hours. If it says may cause drowsiness, it'll knock me out for the count. But at least I'll be able to breath again and since I am on vacation.....

Thanks for reading and stay tuned. 


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