Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sorry I'm Late

'Tis the season for wretched ragweed, I fear. And it's had me by the sinuses this weekend. Didn't get any swatching done but at least I did get something done to the nails tonight.

I found a place to get older LA Colors and LA Girl polishes and they were even on sale for 99 cents. A huge box came not too long ago. Not sure I'll get them all swatched but I did put one of them on tonight.

This lovely blue is LA Girl Color Pop Cornflower.

This sky blue beauty has plenty of personality. If carefully applied, two coats would do it, although the brush is a bit stiff and tends to make ruts in the polish if applied heavy handed. I did three coats to get full coverage. The polish is a bit on the thick side but not impossible to work with. Dry time probably isn't the best but a fast dry top coat works wonders.

This is one of those colors that just pops under any light. Not entirely neon but definitely not demure. I don't have anything to wear that matches but I don't always polish to match my clothes anyway.

That's it for tonight. With nothing swatched, posts will be sparse this week. I do have plans for this manicure provided it lasts long enough. I'm testing some toppers on a nail wheel to see which one or ones look best.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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