Monday, August 25, 2014

Trenzalore Sun Pictures! And My Zoya BOGO Haul

Hi, again. I managed to get some pics in the sun but only two were decent and I could not decide which was the best so I'm posting both. They may look the same but they aren't. The differences are subtle but...Ok, shut up, Penny, and get on with it.

Took these before I left work. The, uh, red in the background is my car. I'm so excited I got these. In the sun, Trenzalore is just amazing. Now I wish I had taken the bottle with me but since we were expecting rain, I really didn't think the sun would make an appearance. 

I did get my Zoya BOGO shipment today and since I also got a liter of Remove +, I got some extra freebies for spending $50 or more. 

The six for BOGO...

l to r: Ling, Thandie, Gilda, Charla, Rory, Myrta
And the extras...

l to r: Logan, Sirena, Tasha

Nine bottles of polish for the price of three. Can't beat that. And can you believe I got Logan as one of the freebies? I already had it but still..Logan? Really? Awesome. Not sure about Tasha, though. Might be a good one as a base for nail art but I'm not sure I'd wear it alone. It's kind of an odd color - sort of off white or very light beige or creamy....something.  Actually, now that I think of it, the color kind of reminds me of sweetened, condensed milk. 

Ok, that's two posts in a single day. But I was too excited not to share the sun pics.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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