Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Back From The Land Of The Sickly - With Zoya Sirena

Oh, hi! Remember me? 

Sorry I haven't posted in like, forever. It's also been about that long since I put anything on my nails other than nail oil and hand lotion. When you've got two illnesses stalking you, doesn't leave enough energy for anything else. 

Besides the ragweed allergy, I ended up with a stomach bug on top of everything. But I'm better now and I've got something very pretty on my nails.

This is Zoya Sirena, a very pretty pink leaning coral with a bit of pink shimmer. Apparently this was one of the freebies I recently received for spending $50 last time I placed a Zoya order because I can't find it on their website any longer. 

Pictures are three coats because Sirena is a bit on the sheer side. Formula is almost perfect, just a bit thick but not all that hard to work with. It's a bit more sedate than I would normally wear but I do like it. Of course, you know I'll add a bit of holographic at some point.

I am now behind in swatching. Lots of little bottles sitting around just waiting for their time in the spotlight. I may need another week's vacation in order to get it done.

For now, though, thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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