Sunday, September 21, 2014

Matte Glitters & A Comparison

Hello! It's Sunday and that means swatches - ok, that means back to swatches. 

Got a huge post for you today. I picked up some of the recently released matte glitter polishes from Maybelline, Revlon and Sally Hansen. 

l to r: Revlon Daring Graffiti and Rebel Graffiti; Sally Hansen Pixel Perfect; 
Maybelline Pink Splatter, Blue Beats and Wild At Heart

These are for the most part toppers but the ones from Maybelline are dense enough, they just might build to acceptable opacity. My swatches are with and without a base color. For all swatches, I used two coats of base color and one coat of topper, no base or top. 

Let's do the reds first, shall we?

The red from Revlon is called Daring Graffiti.

Daring Graffiti contains red and white glitters of various sizes and shapes in a sheer, barely pink base. The red glitters are shiny while the white ones are matte - a really nice combination. I had very little trouble getting a good, even coverage. This one might build to decent opacity but it might also take a lot of coats to get there. I chose to put it over Revlon Temptress, a lovely pink cream. I think this would make a pretty Valentine manicure.

Maybelline has called their red offering Wild At Heart.

Wild At Heart is a densely packed matte glitter with dark, almost red, magenta and black glitters of various shapes and sizes in a clear base. The base color used for this one is also Revlon Temptress. 

The only blue I picked up is from Maybelline and is called Blue Beats.

Another densely packed polish but with sky blue glitters in place of the red. I put this one over Essie's Mojito Madness.

Now for the blacks. All are over Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow.

This is Revlon Rebel Graffiti.

Black and white matte glitter in a clear base with multiple shapes and sizes. As with Daring Graffiti, it was fairly easy to get even coverage of the glitter.

Maybelline's version is called Pink Splatter.

So you're probably wondering why it's Pink Splatter. Well, that's because this is black and very pale pink matte glitters in a clear base.  I didn't even notice that until I got to looking at the three together. This one is also densely packed with the glitters so getting even coverage wasn't a problem.

Sally Hansen Pixel Perfect.

Pixel Perfect is also matte black and white glitter in a clear base with multiple sizes and shapes. The glitters here are not nearly as dense in the bottle as the other two. I had to work at getting the glitter onto the nail. 

I have read about a technique where the polish is put on a sponge that will absorb the base and leave the glitter so that you basically sponge the glitter onto the nail. Sorry, I don't remember where I read it and if the person who came up with it is reading this, please give yourself a shout out in the comments.

Now for the comparison.

When I bought the three blacks, I really thought I was getting three dupes. They're really close but not exact dupes of each other.

That's Rebel Graffiti on the index, Pink Splatter on the middle and Pixel Perfect on the ring. All over Mellow Yellow.

Whew! That's done then. Hope you enjoyed seeing these polishes in action. I think my favorite of the lot is Daring Graffiti but then I'm always more partial to bling, aren't I?

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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