Monday, September 8, 2014

Quick UPdate

Hey, all. Sorry I've been MIA lately. With the ragweed menace still lurking around, I just don't feel like doing much. Haven't even been doing my nails the last few days, the reason there's no posts. And I'm back to work today after being off all last week. Came home completely pooped out.

So, since I don't have swatches or nails polished and probably won't until the weekend, I thought it would be fun to see some early - and I do mean early - pics. These are the ones I took before I started the blog, right at the beginning of the obsession. 

OY! Brace yourselves. These are pretty bad. Taken with my old not-so-smart phone camera. I didn't even bother with editing. 

Let's start with the very first polish I wore when I finally stopped biting my nails. At this point, I had been looking at nail blogs and decided to practice the hand positions I saw.

Yikes! Well, everybody starts somewhere, right? Just look at that clench. LOL! And aren't those little wedgies just the cutest things?

Ok, movin' on.

And here is..what the heck is that, anyway? I think, don't quote me, but I think this is my Milani 3D Holographic polish skittle. Mom quite bluntly said, "You aren't wearing that out of the house, are you?" And how much later did I go out with two totally different manicures on each hand? Not once, but twice, even? Or has that been three times?

And then there's this...

Nice that my keyboard is in focus, huh? Hehehe! I think this is Sinful Gorgeous with Nail Junkie on top. Now this was a nice combo. May have to do this one again.

How in the world did that get in here? That's my boy, Wren. He was a lab basset mix that was such a joy. Sadly, I lost him about three years ago. The vet thinks he might have had a brain tumor. He was having seizures and I believe he had a grand mal seizure the night before I had to say goodbye. He was sleeping downstairs at that point so I have no way of knowing what took place. I miss him dearly. 

But wasn't he just so darn cute? Those ears were the funniest. If the wind was strong enough, they would actually flap around his head. Made him look a bit like he was try to fly with them. LOL! And no, I did not put him up on the pillow or put the covers over him. He actually did that his own self, the little smartie pants.

And onward...

Sinful Ciao Bella. Love this blue. Haven't worn it since but I think I'll just have to go dig it out. Again, keyboard in focus, nails not so much. Sigh. 

This is Color Club Wild At Heart, I do believe. Now you see why they always said no cell phone cameras for nail blogs. Maybe if I had held my hand further back? But at least I'm not strangling that bottle in this one.

No, this isn't when I first started growing the nails out. This is when the nail fungus hit a few months after I started polishing. I remembered then that I'd had this problem before a long time ago and had to stop polishing. I had read that the best way to get rid of it was to cut the nails down as far as comfortable, keep them unpolished and use a good anti-fungal.

I still think this fungus came from having acrylics back in the 80s. It's apparently something that we all have but that is normally dormant until something triggers it. But that came from the internet so who knows if it's true or not.

My doctor said it was from being diabetic and keeping polish on my nails so much. Funny. I'm still diabetic and still keeping the nails polished but don't have the fungus any longer. Hmmm.....

Anyway...I'll leave you with another one of my Wrennie-poo, a bit more awake this time. He just loved having his picture taken and it really shows in this one.

"Really, Mom? The camera? Again?"  See how short those little leggies are? He was a bit comical to look at but so very sweet. 

Well, that's where I started from. I didn't realize just how far I'd come until I got to looking at these. 

Thanks for joining me in this walk down memory lane.


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