Sunday, September 28, 2014

Quick Update

Well, hello there! 

Just a quick update for you today, kind of nail related. I am currently in the middle of a major reorganization project in the nail room. Heavy lifting, moving furniture, the whole enchilada. And...and...get at least one Helmer put together. Of course, that may come later. First priority today is moving things around to create more room...I hope...and to get my desk out of the corner it's currently occupying and along the opposite wall. I want to create a nail studio of sorts all along one wall of the room so that the rest of the room can be a nice sitting area. 

In case you haven't checked out my other blog, Just Me, I am also a writer and I have a small writing group that gets together at least once a week. Before I moved back in with my parents, we used to get together more often and I would cook and we'd read our current projects in progress. Since things have been upside down around the house with lots of home projects in the works (and not getting worked on nearly as often as they should), I haven't been able to have them over. Hopefully, with the rearranging and such, we can go back to getting together here.

The room is rather large but I also have some rather large pieces of furniture already in it and one more to be brought in, if there's room.  Currently, this is what the room looks like.

 from the door: the right side - that recliner is so comfy - used to be my Dad's then he got a new one - yay me!

 middle - large chair and that's an ottoman in front; not sure what I'm going to do with the table, though.
left and where the desk is going - lots of plugs

this will definitely change - what a mess!

Not sure how well it'll work having a corner desk in the middle of a wall but we'll see. I do plan to get something different - and bigger. I've got two helmers so I could just get some plywood to go over them and have a desk as big as I want but I think I'll need more drawers by the time I fill up the Helmers with those cute little bottles. 

Once I have the room the way I want it, then I'll be able to set up my lighting and camera - when I get the camera, that is. Not sure yet if I'll use a light box or just a backdrop and a couple of desk lamps. I've seen that set up used by some other bloggers and it looks a bit more practical for me.

So, that's what's going on with me this weekend. No swatches and I'm not even sure I'll feel like doing my nails once I get done. I want that desk moved before I go to bed tonight.

I said I wasn't moving that thing again the last time I moved it - it's gone from being in the same corner but downstairs to being in a corner in my bedroom to being in this corner and now to being up against the opposite wall. It'll get moved only one more time. When I get a new desk and it gets disassembled and moved out to the curb. 

And then I'm not moving ever again....famous last words.

I do have some unwritten posts to do so hopefully you'll get those this week and I will do my nails at some point. They are naked at the moment.

Until then, thanks for reading and wish me luck that I don't kill myself reorganizing this room!


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