Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Stamping Practice & An OMG Mani


Did some stamping practice tonight before I took off Hold Tight And Pretend It's A Plan. Used White On by Sally Hansen. I thought a white would be the best contrast and since I was taking this off anyway, didn't really matter if it wasn't the best match.

I don't have a camera set up to do video so to see stamping in action, I will once again refer you to YouTube. Lots and lots of vids there that show how it's done. I know because I watched a ton of them.

So, here are the tools of the trade.

The longer, double ended stamper is from Konad and the smaller one is the squishy stamper from Pueen. The plate is from Cheeky, the Vibrant Collection. I wanted to try the Zebra look. The white squarish thing is a plastic card I use for scraping the polish away. It's lot more gentle on the plate than a metal scraper. 

Then there's the dappen dish for acetone and my new clean up brush from Jolie Polish. Love this brush. Makes clean up so fast and easy. All of Bory's brushes are sold out at the moment but she's always getting new stock so keep checking if you want one of your own.

There's also paper towels and cotton pads for more clean up.

And here's a closer look at that plate.

And I should have dusted it off a bit before take a picture. I think I got polish on the back side and it stuck to the paper towel. The edges of these plates are quite sharp so you will want to take care handling them. I actually cut myself on this one while holding it in my hand for cleaning. Not the best idea.

As you can see by my thumb, I used the image on the right of the plate that is supposed to be the pattern from the Zebra's back. I also used the heart and the flower as well as the sort of spotty one in the bottom middle. Probably supposed to represent a Leopard or Cheetah but not so much on me.

I first used the squishy and much to my surprise, didn't work all that well for me. I really thought it would. Plus, I think I scraped off too much polish because I ended up with very little of the image on the stamp pad. Then again, the stamp pad on the squishy is white and I was using white polish. Hmm. I think I see the problem there.

Turned to the Konad and wiped less polish off and things went much better.

Some of these are stamped over the original attempt - I didn't bother to take it off. The image on the thumb kind of looks like skeleton ribs. Hmm. Idea for Halloween maybe? The spots didn't come out so well - not enough polish scraped off. But the heart and the flower don't look too bad. 

I'll definitely be trying this again...but not over my current manicure.

Now, I have featured this polish on the blog before as a swatch but this time, it's a full manicure. Say hello to If It Pleases You from Literary Lacquers.

 no flash
no flash

I cannot stop looking at my nails! This polish is just too gorgeous to ignore. A lovely burgundy holo with some brown under tones. Application was a breeze even if the third coat went on a bit on the thick side. I seem to have that problem with any polish I use. A good shake usually solves the issue though. This is three coats. Dry time with Out The Door was a little longer than if I had only done 2 coats but I wanted the full beauty of this polish on my nails and that requires a third coat. 

That's it for tonight. Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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