Tuesday, September 23, 2014

What is this gorgeous stuff on my nails?

I'll tell you what it is - Hold Tight And Pretend It's A Plan from Ellagee's A Good Man collection.

Hi! I've got another amazing polish to show off. Fair warning - pic heavy post straight ahead. And pardon the tip wear on the first two. I didn't like the pictures I took last night of the green shift so I took them again tonight.

 flash under fluorescent light, hand tilted slightly back
 flash under fluorescent light, hand tilted slightly forward
 no flash, LED light
 no flash, LED/fluorescent combined, slightly tilted backward
 flash, straight on
 flash, tilted back
 flash, hand forward, camera from behind
flash, hand tilted up, camera straight ahead

There is also a strong magenta shift that I just couldn't catch.

All I can say about this polish is WOW, just WOW! Formula thickened up a bit but I shook the bottle every couple of nails then carefully applied. Two coats here. Dried prett quickly with Out The Door on top. I also did two coats of Bonder underneath and as you can see by the first two pics, only tip wear at the moment. 

I can't get over how many colors this stuff shifts through. This is like Girly Bits Go And Shake A Tower without the holographic finish. If I had gotten home in time from work, I would have taken some pics in the sun but I didn't so...might do that in another post since I will be wearing this again tomorrow. 

And on another note, this is what happens when Zoya puts out a major big time promo code.

sorry for all the background mess

In case you missed it, Zoya had two promotions this month that netted two promo codes. 

One promo involved linking your Zoya account with Facebook. Once you did, you got a code for 1 free polish then 50% off your entire order. What you see above is part of what I got for that one. I also got two bottles of Remove basically BOGO. The polish was more like buy one, get two because I spent more than $50 and with the free one, that meant when I ordered 9, I only paid for 4 and got a total of 12. Love that kind of math. I didn't get any dupes in the freebies, either. I did get quite a few lovely coppery shades so I see a copper ombre in my future.

The other one was for their "Where in NY is Zoya?" which coincided with New York Fashion Week. That one involved spending $25 to get 3 free polishes and a free 8oz remove in the flipper. Still waiting on that one despite it being the first one I put in. Since I purchased 5 of the 6 Ignite polishes, I'm thinking they're waiting on one or more of them to come in because they sold out. The only one I didn't get was India. 

I'm good with waiting, though. Got a dozen right here to play with until the order gets here. 

That's the story for tonight. Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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