Sunday, October 5, 2014

Brown Based Frankens

Hi there! 

Ever had a polish in your stash that you just don't want to wear for whatever reason? I have two - well, two bottles of the same polish, actually.

This is Zoya Codie and yes, I'm back to nubbins again. 

please pardon the lack of cleanup effort here

Codie is actually darker than the picture shows - more of a black/brown, really. Think of dark chocolate cream and that would be Codie. Formula is a bit on the watery side, which resulted in flooded cuticles since I had a real hard time controlling application. Codie also dried pretty fast and there was some drag. The good thing about a polish so dark, though, is that you can fix imperfections without the fix actually showing up. 

Now, there's nothing wrong with Codie, I just don't like how it looks on me.  As you can see, Codie does stain just a bit. I would have had to put a lot more effort into clean up if I was going to wear this but since I only wanted to show what my frankens started with...Codie will, however, come in handy when I want a good brown for nail art.

So, I've been sitting here with two bottles, wondering what to do with the both of them when it hits me. Why not try frankening with Codie? This idea resulted in three new polishes as well as an improvement to another franken that I did that ended up way too sparkly. I know. Me saying something is too sparkly. Who am I and what have I done with me?

Why don't we look at that one first? 

Some time ago, I spotted OPI My Private Jet for sale on Amazon. All excited to finally get my hands on this, I ordered. As soon as I had it in my hot little hands, I knew I didn't have the original holographic version. I had one of the duds - charcoal brown base with some gold glitter. This was before I started the blog and I never actually wore the polish so I never got any early pics. 

Anyway, as disappointed as I was, I got to wondering what would happen if I added a holographic polish to it. So I started adding...and adding....and adding...until I went too far. The charcoal brown base was obliterated by too much holo and the holo didn't stay linear. Just scattered. It was pretty but not what I had in mind.

Over time, I tried a few other things but still could not come up with a holo version of My Private Jet. Since I already wasn't happy with it, I thought why not add some of Codie to see what happens. 

This is the end result - because I'm not messing around with this any longer.

See that lovely oil slick in the bottle? Won't translate to the nail no matter what I do to it so I'm leaving this as it is. Is it still very pretty with all that scatter holo and now it looks brown again. No longer a dud but still not the holographic legend of the original MPJ.

I did, however, manage to make a subtle holo version of Codie.

I had about half a bottle of a soft holo top coat and decided to add some of Codie to it. Here's what happened.

The holo here is quite subtle but it does show up, especially in sunlight - which I couldn't get pics of because the sun was playing hide and seek way too much. By the time I got the shot set up, the sun would go bye-bye. But this gives a pretty good idea of what I've got. Again, the actual polish is a bit darker than this.

I then decided to make something with more of a shimmer to it than a holo. Gotta have options, right? I added a couple of different things to the bottle - part of the MPJ before I added Codie, a bit of China Glaze Immortal and a small bit of Ellagee Rainbow Syrup that had just arrived. Here's is what I ended up with.

I know this looks quite a bit like my MPJ franken but the sparkle in here is a lot more subtle.

Now we come to my favorite. I had poured some of Codie out of the original bottle so I could make the franken you see above. To that little bit, I added a black that I never use. I then poured in some of OPI DS Reserve. Yes. I know. Why would I sacrifice something so precious? But I really didn't use all that much, about the equivalent of a manicure, I would estimate. And this...this is what happened.

Ding-ding-ding! We have a winner, folks. I'll give you two pics of this one because, why not?

I can't even begin to describe this color. I'm calling it Rose, by the way. It's got that scatter holo as well as a bit of a duochrome effect. You can see the brown at the edges then the splash of rose in the center. Yep. Definitely my favorite.

See what you can get when you play around with polish? I'm gonna need some more empty bottles.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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