Sunday, October 12, 2014

Ellagee Rainbow Syrup - Awesome Holo Top Coat


First, let me apologize for dropping off the radar this week. Had a horrible migraine mid-week that even caused me to miss work. Plus, some nail mishaps kept me from polishing. No polishing means no extra posts. 

Now, I might go out of the house with a different manicure on each hand but I will not go out with only one hand polished. So, I'm taking a break from daily polish right now. Here's the reason why.

That right index was lifting badly and having polish on seemed to make that worse. Then there's the splitter - that ring fingernail just won't behave. It finally split way down and actually bled. The nail is now at a weird angle and I'm thinking that spot will sting mightily if nail polish and/or remover is applied. I'd really rather wait until it's all healed and the nail has grown out a bit before I polish that nail again.

Thankfully, though, the worst nail mishaps happened on the Cinderella hand so I can still do swatches - well, on 4 of 5 nails of the left hand. Lost the thumbnail when the right thumbnail gouged out the corner while I was closing a bottle of polish earlier this week. It's a bit misshapen and very short at the moment so for swatches, you get just the four.

Since I do swatches on the left hand and still have 4 usable nails, thought I would share a holo top coat that really does a good job of holofying without obliterating the base color. I'm talking about Rainbow Syrup from Ellagee.

Most holographic topcoats give a grayish cast to pretty much every base color onto which it is applied. Don't know if it's the base used for the holographic pigment or what but it appears that Ellagee has found a way around the gray. The pigment appears to be in a clear base and that really seems to make a difference.

Any holo top coat will look good over darker colors so for swatches of Rainbow Syrup, I chose lighter, brighter colors. 

l to r: Ellagee Rainbow Syrup, Sinful Colors Boogie Nights, Revlon Coastal Surf, Sally Hansen Dreamsicle and In Record Lime

I applied two coats of the base colors.

Dreamsicle is much more orange than it appears in the photo

I then put on one coat of Rainbow Syrup.

One coat gives a nice, soft holo effect while still letting the base color shine through. I love how the polish seems to adapt depending on the base color. More yellow comes out on Dreamsicle while Boogie Nights comes up more red. Coastal Surf and In Record Lime also brought out the blue and green of the holo.

After a second coat of Rainbow Syrup, this is what they looked like.

A second coat intensified the holo while still letting the base color come through. And there was more of that chameleon effect.

All photos were taken with flash but then there was one where I'm not sure what happened. The flash went off but the photo came out rather dark. I would have discarded it but look what it did to the holo.

I brightened it up slightly. Look at that oil slick in the bottle. The holo on the nails is also a little more prominent. Very nice. Just what I was looking for in a holographic top coat. And you get a full 15ml bottle so you can holofy all of the polish to your heart's content. Can't beat that.

Now, I also wanted to let everyone know that I have an intense writing experience coming up in November. I might have mentioned here but you can also read about it on my other blog, Just Me.

It's a 30 day writing challenge to write at least 50,000 words in the 30 days of November called National Novel Writing Month or NANOWRIMO. I'll be attempting to write at least 2000 words a day for 30 days to have a completed first draft of a novel by the end of it. I am currently working on the pre-writing work so that I can concentrate on just writing down the story during November. If I can manage to stay on track, I'll have weekends to blog but if not....well, I'll just apologize now for slacking in the nail blog department.

That's the lot for today. Thanks for reading and do stay tuned. 


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