Sunday, October 19, 2014

LA Colors Pink Chiffon with Sparkling Fuchsia


I'm breaking my 3 week fast of daily polish with this beautiful combination and since it is still October, it made sense to choose a combination of pinks. 

Nails are still short. Amazing how much they break without polish to protect them. 

This is two coats of Pink Chiffon with two coats of Sparkling Fuchsia on top. I finished with Orly Won't Chip and INM Out The Door. Base coat is Orly Bonder and as usual, I failed to get pics of Pink Chiffon all by itself.

The pictures show this a bit lighter than it is in real life. Pink Chiffon is a deep blue leaning pink with a silver and light pink shimmer. Very pretty alone but Sparking Fuchsia on top only adds to the beauty of this polish. Sparkling Fuchsia is a sheer bright pink base with holographic micro glitter. Two coats dried fairly smooth so that by the time the two top coats were applied, nails were as smooth as glass. Formula on both was decent.

A very pretty way to bring a daily polish fast to a close.

I was busy today doing swatches. Look for two posts this week all about Zoya - the five polishes I got from the Zoya Ignite collection and five polishes that are amazing but I've not heard that much about them. I'm calling them the Zoya Unsung.

For now though, thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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