Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October's Nail Art - Watercolor Nails


Today I have for you my attempt at watercolor nails.

There are several techniques to create this look. Colors can be sponged on, polish can be thinned with acetone either on the nail or off, color can be diluted with clear polish - which is the method I chose after doing some testing. YouTube has plenty of videos of them so head over there if you want to see them in action.

My testing took place on a nail wheel.

I tried different base colors - the first three from the right are all pinks done on a light pink (#1), a nude cream (#2) and white (#3). Also with these three, I attempted the acetone method. The fourth nail is the pink, blue and purple I ultimately chose but over that nude cream. I then tried to use them in stripes over the same nude cream using the clear polish method. I liked that better but I didn't like the way the colors looked and the stripes weren't random enough.

The nail on the left is what inspired the look I ended up with. White base, the pink, blue and purple stroked on after mixing one drop of color with several drops of clear polish. Worked out much better. I did this on three nails then, after discovering that the polish I was using worked pretty well for watermarbling, that's what I did to the other two nails.

Here's the tools used:

The white is Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On. The colors come from the LA Girl Color Pop collection: the pink is Intense, the blue is Cornflower and the purple is Wild Child. The clear is from Sinful Colors. 

I started with the white base - 2 coats - and let that dry completely.

Don't worry if the application isn't all that smooth. The color will cover that up.

Then, beginning with the pink, I put small pool of clear polish onto the paper plate - about the size of a nickel - then put a single drop of pink into that. Stirred it up with the pointy end of a cuticle stick then dipped in the brush. With a good bit of polish on my brush, I dabbed that onto the nail in no particular shape or order of any kind.

I repeated that processed with the blue and the purple. Forgot to take pics, sorry. The end result can be a bit on the bubbly side but top coat seemed to smooth things out nicely.

Once all that dried completely, I watermarbled those same colors on the other four nails. 

After seeing the way the flash washed the colors out, I got some sunlight pictures. Wasn't much of an improvement.

I also forgot to float the top coat over the watermarble and it smeared just a bit. 

So, that's the nail art for October. November's technique is called brushstroke. I'll be studying up on that but will probably not have time for it until Thanksgiving weekend. NANOWRIMO starts this Saturday and I am determined to finish this year.

That's all I have for now. Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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