Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Zoya Ignite


Sorry I'm posting so late. Finally got through editing the photos taken this weekend. Lots of photos. These polishes are just gorgeous. Unfortunately, a couple of them made my camera go completely bonkers with their sparkle.

l to r: Autumn, Remy, Sansa, Teigen, Yuna

The one missing here is India but I will have that one eventually. 

We'll take them alphabetically. All pics are two coats, no base or top. As usual with Zoya, formula and dry time was perfect. Don't really have much to add to those who have already reviewed these. so I'll let the pictures do most of the talking.

Autumn - namesake of our current season. Burnished, coppery, sparkle bomb - just an awesome nail color for fall.

Remy. Blue-green but more blue than green, even a bit of gold in there. This is one that made my camera crazy. Thought this might be a dupe for Charla but Charla is more green.

Sansa - and I don't mean the MP3 player. Grape purple packed with lots of sparkle. This one will be a favorite - well, it is purple, right?

Teigen - the other one my camera just went nuts over. This one is more of a purple leaning magenta in real life than the picture shows, lots of gold sparkle - very hard to capture the depth of this one in a picture.

And Yuna - for me, second only to Sansa. Actually, I was surprised I would like this one. Blue-gray base with gold shimmer. In case you're wondering (because I was), not a dupe for Skylar.

Looking forward to getting my hands on India to make the collection complete. I might even consider the Entice side of this collection. I can see combos that can be made.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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