Sunday, October 26, 2014

Zoya Unsungs

Hi, all! 

Got some beautiful polishes to show you today. I call these unsungs because you don't really hear much about these but they are truly worth having in any polish collection.

All are at least duo-chromes with a couple having multiple shifts of color. These shifts are not easy to capture and I don't think I managed a single one but the base color is just as pretty. I think all of these are perfect fall colors.

l to r: Ivy, Kierra, Marry, Odilia, Shivon

Starting with Ivy - a dusty magenta base (looks a lot darker in real life) with a gold shimmer. Ivy shifts from magenta to bronze to red.

The second pic shows a bit if Ivy's shiftiness - even if it isn't the clearest picture. From the bronzey color on the middle and ring to the nearly red on the thumb. That's Ivy in a nutshell.

Then we have Kierra. 

Kierra has that lovely pink shimmer within a juicy magenta base but at some angles, Kierra shows off a bit of a brown cast. It's really subtle, though, and not at all boring. You can kind of see it at the edges of the bottle in the first pic. Really subtle to the point of near non-existence. Still, just for the pink shimmer and overall juiciness, Kierra is a winner with me.

Next we have Marry. On the Zoya website, she's listed as Marry J. Doesn't matter what you call this one, though, Marry is one to admire.

A lighter, brighter version of Kierra, Marry goes all out with the pink shimmer - on the nail, at least. In the bottles, she looks quite murky. There is also that subtle brown shift here. 

Onward to Odilia.

Odilia gets three pics because I did actually get a bit of shift. The base color here is very hard to describe because of all the colors this one will shift through. In the bottle alone, I can see an orangey bronzey purpley kind of a mix. And you can see for yourself what this looks like on the nail. Odilia really has a lot going for her.

Last but certainly not least, there is Shivon and for me, she's the most beautiful of the bunch. 

Deep dusty magenta base with a gold shift as well as purple and bronze. Shivon reminds me a lot of Zoya Reece in many ways but Shivon is much darker and murkier. I thought I would have already posted pics of Reese but apparently not. I'll have to do a comparison post at some point in the future. For some reason, this base/shimmer combination makes me think of tulips. Don't know why but there ya go.

So there you have five gorgeous Zoya unsungs. I believe all are still available but you may have to do a search, which might be easiest anyway. Kierra I received as a freebie for spending $50 but the rest were purchased by me. 

Hope you decide to check some of these out for yourself.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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