Sunday, November 2, 2014

Another Favorite Combo

Happy Sunday, everyone. Hope you all are enjoying your extra hour this weekend. 

I have  a gorgeous combo for you today but first, I want to do a little reminder that this is National Novel Writing Month or NANOWRIMO. I am participating this year so posts will probably be at a minimum. I definitely won't be doing much swatching this month. I'll just be posting whatever's on my nails at the time. At least here in the beginning, anyway. Later on, when I'm burned out, more might get done. Thanksgiving weekend is a long one for me and that should give me some time to do more nail stuff. I do remember I have a nail art technique and that might just be when I do it. I have a plan, I just need to do some practice.

Now, on to the combo.

This was inspired by a combo I saw done by Jessica of Be Happy and Buy Polish. I'll link to her blog post right here. She used Color Club Winter Affair as her base but I wanted to see what it would like with a blue base so I chose OPI DS Lapis for my base color.

Lapis is a pretty blue with tons of sparkle - when wet. It dries to a matte finish that does dull the sparkle somewhat. If I were wearing it alone, I would definitely put a shiny top coat over it to make the sparkle really pop. I used two coats then applied  one coat of The Uptown from Color Club, the original version, I'm happy to say. Lastly, one coat of Color Club's Si Vous Please went on.

As usual, I failed to take pics along the way. Guess I was too excited to see the end result but I did do swatches on a nail wheel before I polished.

On the left is the two coats of Lapis, the middle shows one coat of The Uptown then the right is with Si Vous Please on top of everything.

And this is how it looks on my nails.

I love, love, love this combo. While I can't capture it on camera, trust me, the color shifting goodness of The Uptown is definitely present. 

Beneath and on top of all this sparkly beauty is a base and top coat that is new to me.

I love Ana's nail oil so much, I decided to get her base and top coat along with the vat sized bottle of nail oil I purchased recently. I've got one coat of the base and two coats of the top on these nails right now. The base did seem to smooth things out and the top coat did dry fairly quickly. 

I did this manicure about an hour or so ago and as I write this, my nails are pretty much al dente - meaning I can run a tooth over them and not make a dent. While this kind of dry time is a bit longer than say, Out The Door, it's acceptable for when I have time to allow my mani to dry thoroughly before whatever I've got planned next. I will do an update on endurance when I'm ready to take this mani off - which won't be any time soon unless it starts to chip really bad.

Gotta run. My novel is calling me to come back and play a bit. Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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