Saturday, November 15, 2014

Brush Stroke Manicure

Hello! Got that brush stroke mani for you today.

I only did the left hand but I like this well enough I will do the right when I do this again. There's another polish I want to put on this weekend or I would do it now.

The concept of a brush stroke manicure is to use several colors of polish, each in a few brush strokes per nail from darkest to lightest on top of the lightest color.

I was inspired to do this based on a manicure done by Sarah Waite of Chalkboard Nails - link to her manicure here. Hers was inspired by a manicure done by Veronica Gorgeois on her blog here. Veronica also did a video tutorial that can be found here. I did mine right after watching the tutorial. It's really that easy.

I did mine on top of the polish I was already wearing.

I used all Zoya polishes for the brush strokes. I had intended to use all of the Ignite colors but a couple of them just didn't look right. Here is what I did use.

l to r: Sansa, Remy, Teigen, Kimber, Penny

And here is the result.

I think this is a nice look for fall. I really liked this done with the more shimmery polishes because they blend together so well. I did 3 rounds of the colors with just final placement where I thought some balance was needed. Then topped it with my Out The Door top coat. It also looks pretty nice with a matte top coat.

My thumb was the only nail that went fully matte for some reason.

Hope you'll try this one for yourself. It really is that easy. So easy that Veronica did her tutorial using her left hand to paint her right and she is right handed. 

Thanks for ready and stay tuned.


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