Friday, November 7, 2014

Haul Post of Haul Posts

Happy Friday! Hope you've all had a good day. I had the day off from work, met some friends for writing time and the best Chinese in my neck of the woods, Joy Food One. Weird name but I'm thinking maybe that's what the Chinese for it probably translates to? No idea but I, for One, do know the Food is a Joy to eat. Had Sweet and Sour Shrimp - yummy! Don't know where they find the shrimp but they are huge. Left overs for lunch tomorrow.

Oh, and I broke 16,000 words....another post on another blog.

Anyhoo, I have really been finding the polish deals lately, which means my polish spreadsheet is so far behind right now - I don't even want to think about it. I probably have over 1000 at this point. I think my friends are considering an intervention but I say I could have worse, more expensive hobbies so leave me alone and let me have my polish already!

I also realized it's been, like, forever since I did a haul post. Of course, you knew it wasn't because I was abstaining. Psssht! As if...and why do I suddenly sound all Valley Girl? Must be all the starch (sugar) whizzing through my veins right now. Ha!

Back on topic, TPN!

Just so you have some idea, this is what the corner of my desk looks like at the moment.

Now, there are some not so new bottles in there and some of my bases and tops are in there as well but for the most part, this is all new to me polish and most of that was purchased at steal-type prices. I'll just highlight a few of these bargains, shall I?

And I'll start with what isn't in this picture. MY FIRST BUTTER LONDON's!

Ahem, sorry to shout but I'm excited. Never, ever though I'd ever have any of these in my hot little hands and now I have 8 colors as well as the base and top coat to go with them.

Got this during their recent Last Orders sale. They are the 6ml sizes, though, not the full size. Still, they're Butter London! You can see the names here. I can't wait to see Petrol on.

I could gush forever but ..... onward!

So, Walgreen's apparently bought somebody out of all of their Klean Color polishes. I know my collection is growing by leaps and bounds. At a buck a bottle, why the heck not? You can probably pick out the Klean Color bottles in the first photo but here's what I got today on my way home earlier.

Yes, there's a dozen here and I did actually duplicate one that I already had. Well, two that I already had but the other one was on purpose. Here they are broken down by type - sort of.

 Holo Green & Holo Orange
 l to r: Red Heart, Metallic Fuschia, Pearl Jungle, Royal Rose (the accidental duplicate)
 l to r: Fireworks, What A Steal! & Kiss Goodbye (holo-y glittery gorgeous IRL)
l to r: Chunky Holo Candy, Chunky Holo Bluebell (the intentional duplicate) 
& Chunky Holo Fuschia

Now, that's (counting on fingers and toes) 22. There's more - but then, you probably already guessed that, huh?

Ok, next on the list - the LA Colors kits I found at Walgreen's and my enabler there (MJ) handed them to me and I just bought them. They were only $3 each. I've already gotten rid of the packaging though. Sorry. One was called the Mosaic Effect and the other the Cosmic Effect. You can see the packaging here. The individual polishes have no names on them, though.

 The Mosaic Effect
The Cosmic Effect.

Next, some new Sinfuls I also discovered the same night I got the LA Colors polishes. Walgreen's had the new Christmas display up and these were in there.

l to r: Out of This World, Holiday Rebel & Outta Space

Then there's my recent order from Ellagee. Laura has some really cute new things in her shop so stop by and check her out.

 this is Rainbows All Over Your Blues & Ell-sa (the new Gee, I Love Ellagee group polish)

Then there's my new OPI's.

 l to r: Next Stop...The Bikini Zone, Oy-Another Polish Joke & Green On The Runway (wowza!)

 Greatest Treasures & Luggage For Your Journey

Luggage For Your Journey was a limited edition polish created by Amy not only to honor Sir Terry Prachett's Discworld novels but also his charity work with Alzheimer's Research UK. For every bottle of LFYJ sold, Amy made a contribution to the cause. I was glad to offer my support as my grandmother lost her battle with this disease many years ago.

My first Colores De Carol Polishes - I've been fascinated by the polishes in her When Planets Align collection. 

 l to r: Venus, Mars & Mercury

These are color shifting, holographic toppers and boy, are they gorgeous. My decision for what to purchase was made logically. Venus and Mars for woman and man and Mercury is the planetary ruler of Gemini, my sign. Seriously. That's how I chose. Yeah, I'm kind of a dork sometimes.

Anyway, from Ana at Bliss Kiss, along with my vat sized (4oz) bottle of her nail oil, I got her base and top coat. Been using it for the last couple of manicures. These work pretty well. I'm rough on my manicures so I did get some major chips after the first day but on my right hand mostly. Left is showing some wear and small chips at this point. I do like how the base does seem to smooth things out, though.

Last but certainly not least, what I got with the recent Zoya promo - 3 for $5 each.

l to r: Carly, Irene & India

At first glance, (though not in this pic) Irene looked like a possible dupe for Green On The Runway (GOTR). Once swatched on a nail wheel, however, I saw that it was not. GOTR has more of a blackened base and shifts into more of a reddish hue while Irene is less blackened at the base and has more of a green shift. Similar but different enough to warrant having both. My story and I'm sticking to it.

So that's my haul of hauls post. Anybody keep count? Let's see, (getting out the calculator), that's 48? Just in this one post? Hmm. Maybe my friends are right. Nah. They're only little bottles and don't take up  much room. Ahem. Moving on. 

There are more new ones in that mess on the corner of my desk but you'll probably only see them as they're worn. I am going to swatch and share the Butter London's, though. Probably in a couple/three posts. Petrol needs a post all its own, I think. It's supposed to be a color shifting topper made to mimic what oil looks like in the rain. We'll see.

That's it for now (isn't that enough?). Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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