Monday, November 24, 2014

How About Something A Bit Sparkly?

Hello, guys.

Tonight I have for you a very sparkly combination. 

I recently picked up one of the Sugar Shimmer polishes from Sally Hansen. Walgreen's had a lot of polishes on sale so why not? Right?

This is two coats of Cinny Sweet.

Cinny Sweet dries quickly into a textured matte finish and is opaque in just a couple of coats. As you may or may not be able to see, the texture part leaves a bit of roughness at the nail tips. I'll gently file that off once the polish dries completely. 

The formula of this one makes it easy to apply with only a bit of cleanup. And I can see that I missed a few spots after looking at these pictures. No matter. I'm not exactly done yet.

Since this polish is more of a magenta leaning red, I wonder if this was their nod to the fact that anything flavored with cinnamon seems to always be a reddish color. The base color might be dark red but the strong pink shimmer really does give it that magenta look. And it does sparkle even in matte form. But, you know me. I always have to take the sparkle up at least a notch or two.

Enter Kiss Goodbye from Klean Color.

Kiss Goodbye is a glitter bomb packed with holographic micro glitter that is scattered, not linear. But so beautifully sparkly it doesn't even matter. 

This is one coat of Kiss Goodbye over the two coats of Cinny Sweet. I also used two coats of topcoat to smooth everything out. I guess I just prefer smooth and shiny to rough and matte.

As you can see in the bottle shot, the overall color is predominantly purple but it does have all those lovely rainbow sparkles embedded in there. The formula is a bit on the thick side but that's typical of glitter bombs like this. And yes, the smell is everything you've heard about it if you've never experienced the unique scent of Klean Color polishes for yourself. 

Ugh! I just could not get a decent picture of this. My camera refused to tolerate the sparkle factor here. Both pics above are with flash, which really lightened up the color a lot. This next one, while not at all clear, was taken without flash and is closer to the true color of this mani.

Why is it, if I get the pinky in focus, the nails on the other side are blurry? Never mind. 

Despite the strong smell of this brand, my Klean Color collection has steadily grown thanks Walgreen's. They sell for $1 so I tend to pick up a couple of handfuls whenever I'm there. At this point, though, it's kind of like it is with Sinful Colors. Hard to pick up one that I don't already have and I have already brought home a couple of duplicates. Just means I really like those colors, right?

So, that is what's on my nails at the moment. Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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