Friday, November 14, 2014

OPI Next Stop....The Bikini Zone

Is it really Friday? This week has lasted a whole month - for me, anyway. Hope everyone is looking forward to a good weekend. I know I am.

As I was deciding what to put on after the blue sparkle bomb I was wearing earlier, I played around with a few things but couldn't really make up my mind. Then I noticed this little beauty just sitting quietly by, waiting to be noticed.

After swatching Bikini Zone on a nail wheel, I knew it was pretty sheer so I put on two coats of a nude polish that was also just sitting around then two coats of Bikini Zone - and can someone explain to me why spelling Bikini is so hard to do?

Anyway, I've got a number of pictures to follow, in various forms of lighting. For example, the one above is just under my desk lamp with flash. Oh, and the tip wear is more from me making the strange decision to file the talons down after I'd done the polishing. I do weird stuff like that sometimes. I don't try to explain it.

These next two were taken in the restroom at work with flash. Our restrooms have the kind of lighting that really shows off those special polishes like holos and the really sparkly, like BZ - I'm tired of my fingers falling all over themselves trying to spell bikini.

Sorry for the glare on these but they do show that lovely strong purple with the more beige-y shift at the edges.

Then these are under incandescent light with no flash. The first one under the ceiling light and the second one directly under an incandescent table lamp.

The beige comes out more prominently in this lighting. The color reminds me a bit of rose gold.

Finally, under my so-called LED desk lamp with no flash. Again, I apologize for the glare.

The purple is more subdued but still present. I guess I would call this the frostier cousin of China Glaze No Plain Jain. They are very similar in their shifty colors.

I say "so-called" about the lamp because this lamp just doesn't give the same effect as the LED light on my phone when used as a flashlight. One reason I've put in an order for a different lamp. It is supposed to arrive Monday. We'll see if it's any better.

But that's Monday. Before then, I'm planning to do the brush stroke mani over this as a base. We'll see how well that works out. I think it will but you never know.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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