Sunday, November 23, 2014

Still Rockin' A Franken

Happy Sunday, everybody! 

Hope you all had an enjoyable weekend. Still wearing that franken I showed off on Friday. It's turning into a wear test for the base and top coat I used - Simply Smooth and Simply Quick from Bliss Kiss.

These are 3-free and go on quick and easy. I used one coat of Simply Smooth underneath the three coats of polish and one coat of top. I polished on Thursday last week and have only one tiny chip on one side of my left thumb and some minor tip wear over all.

That last one's kinda frightening isn't it. But I had to get that close for the chip to even show up. As you can see from the one above it, any tip wear is very hard to see. Even more surprising, all of these pics were taken after I showered without using gloves. Ok, maybe I need to explain that one. 

Remember that one nail on my right hand that will split no matter what I do? Even when that nail has polish on, it will split and will usually do so after a shower. Since I already use rubber gloves whenever I have to wash dishes, I thought why not do the same for when I shower? Except I use those disposal kind of gloves you'll see used by doctors and nurses. 

You can get them at any drug or grocery store now. I get the nitrile ones. Not that I'm allergic to latex or anything. I just like the way they work better. Even if the water gets in through the wrist, it doesn't seem to affect my manicure or my nails. The only time my nails are exposed to water now is when I wash my hands. Can't exactly avoid doing that, now can we?

Anyway, that's my secret for keeping a manicure from chipping and a stubborn nail from splitting as much. I only did it without the gloves this time because I wanted to put this base and top to a real test. And they passed. Quite impressive.

I'll be taking this manicure off tomorrow, I think. I still have some polish swatching to do and I think I'm ready to get back to it now. I've had my 'vacation' - actually, I'm bored silly so I need to be doing something useful. Especially now that NANO month is almost over and I'm less than 10,000 words away from winning. I'll probably finish on Tuesday or Wednesday. Then it's back to rewrites on another one. Now there's a chore.

So be on the lookout for swatching to continue here soon. I've got lots of new pretties I haven't shown off yet and some on the way from pre-orders. 

Until then, thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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