Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving Nails

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

Finally decided on what to put on my nails for the special day. With all of the nail art possibilities, I chose to make a simple mini-skittle using LA Colors Desert Dune and Spoiled Cougar Attack. Three coats of each with 1 coat base and two coats of top.

Desert Dune is a shimmery bronze with lovely pink flash that gives it a more reddish look in normal light. You can really see that in the bottle. 

Cougar Attack starts with a dark brown jelly base and is packed with reddish brown glitter. Unusual for a polish but there it is. As usual, though, my camera just didn't want to acknowledge the presence of the glitter but trust me, Cougar Attack really sparkles 

When perusing the stash, I first laid eyes on Desert Dune and knew immediately what I wanted to go with it. All I had to do then was decide how to present the two. I will admit, I chose the mini skittle because it was the easiest and I think it does show off both polishes to best advantage.

I did capture another look at this manicure. While previous pics were taken under my desk lamp with flash, this one was under the overhead light with flash. The warmth of the true color comes out just a bit better even if it isn't the clearest picture in the world.

So, I didn't do any nail art but I'm pretty please with how this turned out anyway. 

Hope everyone has a safe and thankful holiday!


p.s...thanks for reading and stay tuned.

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