Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Zoya India

Midweek greetings!

Decided to make a change tonight. Just received the three Zoyas I bought with their newest promotion. India was one of the three, making my Ignite collection complete.

Why I passed on India the first time, I have no idea. She was definitely worth waiting for and up there with my other two favorites, Sansa and Yuna. That lovely cranberry color with loads of sparkle makes this such a good fall color.

What you see here is two coats with a few extra swipes on the edges. For some reason my polishing skills were lacking tonight. Good thing the clean up skills were better.

So, I'm considering using the Ignites for my brush stroke mani. I'll be doing it this weekend before I file these talons down. They're growing like little weeds and the pointer is really wonking out on me right now. I think it might be because I've got them a bit more rounded than I normally wear them. Squared up a bit, they might just straighten out.

That's it for the week until the weekend - unless I change things up again, which might just happen.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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