Monday, December 8, 2014

Another Sparkly Christmas Combo


Ok, so this one could be worn at anytime, I just happen to be wearing it in December but I did have the holidays in mind when I came up with it.

This one uses a metallic green base with a dazzling gold top coat. The green base is Sinful Colors Vintage - and yes, I remembered to take photos before applying the dazzle.

Vintage is a metallic olive green beauty with a strong presence of silver.

That second picture does show a bit of gold in it. I didn't notice that until I saw the picture, though. Must have been the angle of the light or something.

I enhanced that gold with OPI Oy-Another Polish Joke.

 under LED light

Oy-Another Polish Joke is a pure yellow gold top coat. Too sheer to be anything else, really.

under sunlight desk lamp

Really brought out the bling for this manicure. I even see an occasion flash of red. The manicure looks much warmer in real life - in certain lighting. There's just something about it that says to me, "Flash and glam!" 

Also reminds me a bit of that gold garland that goes around the Christmas tree. I'll be wearing this for a couple of days, at least.

Then again, I do have some new pretties to play with - the flakies from I Love Nail Polish came today. I would also have the Community 2014 collection from Literary Lacquers but apparently the package got lost somewhere in the Alexandria post office. Went to pick it up today and it couldn't be found right off. But Emily did some digging for me and the package is there, safe and sound and I'll be getting my grabby little hands on those little beauties tomorrow morning. Can't wait!

Well, I suppose I could show you a small glimpse of what I did get today. Just a tiny little taste, perhaps?

Oh. My. 

Sorry, that's all for now - I'm such a meanie! Until next time, thanks for reading and stay tuned. 


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