Saturday, December 20, 2014

Sparkly Christmas Combo Number 3

Hello there. 

Here's another combination I put together recently but didn't wear very long. Not because I didn't like it but because it took so long for my nails to become fully dry that I totally messed up a few when I tried to use my hands even an hour later. I guess if I'm going to use the dab method to apply glitter, I should probably start earlier and at a time when I don't have to use my hands for a couple of hours at least.

Still, it's very pretty and would be a good party manicure - or a just because "it's the season" manicure - or just because "wearing sparkly glitter is cool" manicure.

I started with one of the first Halo Hues from Color Club, Harp On It.

Oh, my goodness! Just look at all those lovely rainbows. Harp On It is the silver of the original Halo Hues. I had purchased it and Cherubic at the time and was so excited to get my first holos. I wore them to our holiday luncheon at work that year - Harp On It as the main color with Cherubic as the accent - or was it the other way around? 

Anyway, over Harp On It, I dabbed some of Klean Color Fireworks - a clear base with gold, red and blue hex glitters with smaller round gold glitters and gold micro glitter - can you tell the base glitter color is gold?

I wasn't too particular with the dabbing. Wherever the glitter went, that's where it stayed. I liked the complete randomness of it. This manicure was quite sparkly. I was sad to have to remove it. Yes, I could have fixed the one nail but then I would have never been able to go to bed. Plus, because of the thickness of the clear base, the polish pulled away from the nail tips with the top coat - as you can probably see on the pinky nail.

I have discovered that the pulling away happens when the polish is done in thick coats versus thin coats and a quick dry top coat is used. I have finally started getting into the habit of capping when I apply the base and top and sometimes even the color, depending on what it is. I have found shrinkage to be minimal to non-existent and my manicure will sometimes last a lot longer before it chips. Not alway but a good portion of the time. 

For those that don't know, 'capping' simply means to run the polish brush over the tips of the nails after a coat of polish is applied. Some people cap with each coat of polish. I've done that but found that the tip ended up looking weird so I cut it down to just the base, top and one coat of color. Since I tend to use two coats of top coat, I will cap the first one but not the second. 

I am currently plotting a special manicure for Christmas. I've seen some great ideas and may incorporate several in my final effort. Now that the nitty gritty details of being unemployed have been taken care of, hopefully I'll have more time to devote to this blog as well as my writing blog. Hopefully.

Well, I'm off to do...something. Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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