Sunday, January 18, 2015

L'Oreal Masked Affair


Kind of last minute here but I have been reading about the difficulties other bloggers have had with the formula of L'Oreal's new Masked Affair, part of their Fifty Shades of Gray offering. People are apparently experiencing serious dragging issues, resulting in up to 4 coats of polish being required.

I only just this week picked it up for myself - it was the last bottle my Walgreen's had, much to MJ's annoyance. I'm always doing that to her. I find the last bottle of something that she ends up wanting after I show it to her. At least she can order more of it. In fact, the display they had only had room for two bottles as it was.

Anyway, I decided to see for myself just what kind of trouble this polish is to put on. Now, I don't know if the other bloggers used a base coat or if they did, what type of base coat was used. Remembering how Sally Hansen's new chrome polishes had to be applied with no base or top coat, I decided to swatch Masked Affair completely naked. I'm thinking that might just be the way this one goes because the only trouble I had with application was a bit of uneven coverage that was all but eliminated with the third coat. I could have gone four but decided three was plenty. This polish is so dazzling, the streaks are really not noticeable.

Ok. Enough talking. Time for viewing. Enjoy.

 directly under the light
 directly under the light

While some of these look more silver, the next picture shows the color a bit truer. This polish is actually a very pale purple holo. 

 little bit away from the light
little bit away from the light

Didn't bother with my usual lighting here, just took these using my normal desk lamp. Didn't even use the tripod since I really hadn't planned to post anything until I saw the pictures. My pinky is actually in focus in some of these.

This polish dries smooth and semi-matte. I've read in another blog that top coat does not dull the holo. I might put one on since I think I'm going to do three coats on the other hand and wear this for as long as it lasts. 

So, there you have it. A holographic polish from a drug store. Never thought I'd see the day. 

There are eight polishes in this collection. With the exception of one other polish that is a very light gray, the rest of the collection is a lot darker. There are a few textures in here as well, which I may go after one or two of them, Bad Bad Gray and Totally D'Accord.

Well, I'm off to get the Cinderella hand done. Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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