Friday, January 30, 2015

The Ugly Truth About Winter

Hello. Thought I'd stop by and let you all in on the reason behind the lack of posts lately. 

Despite the arsenal, I am having a devil of a time keeping any kind of workable length. Lots of peeling going on in those nail tips and anything not attached to the nail bed begins to peel almost instantly. 

Corners seem to be most vulnerable. In fact, just today I lost the corner of the middle finger nail on the left hand, which has inspired a temporary change of nail shape. I'll be trying a more rounded shape for the rest of the winter to see if that helps. 

All this is also the reason I hesitate to do any swatching right now. I fear that all the nail polish removing between colors will only make the problem worse. So for now, I plan to do some intense oiling over the next few weeks. 

Once a week, I will post pictures of my naked nails so we can all see the progress. Keep in mind however that any damage currently on my nails is not going to miraculously go away. It'll have to grow out but I'm hoping what comes after will be peel free and look a lot healthier.

Now. For the ugly truth about Winter and the ravages of dry, cold air. 

You may be thinking they don't look that bad, but you didn't see them before the filing got done. I filed most of the damage away. 

Oh, and that messy bit near the cuticle of the left thumb is where I got a paper cut that's now healed. The rough bit at the tips is the cuticle beneath the tips. Had to file down really short to get everything even. 

Looking at this now, the rounded shape doesn't look all that bad, does it? In fact, the pointer of my left hands looks pretty good. I just prefer square. Maybe once Winter is over? *sigh*

This rounded shape may also solve the splitting issue with that pesky ring fingernail on the right hand. I've been keeping it more rounded than the rest and so far, no actual splitting. I can feel when the split begins and I've been hitting it with the nail file pretty regularly. Seems to be saving that nail. Hopefully using a fully round shape will eliminate the problem. If it does, I may not go back to square.

For this intensive treatment period, I will, of course, be using my Simply Pure nail oil from Bliss Kiss as well as Sweet Baby nail and cuticle oil from SweetBabyByDonna. A mixture of the two oils becomes Baby Bliss and apparently the combination has given some girls excellent results. Sweet Baby has a few more oils involved including Argan oil. I use hair products containing Argan oil and that hand cream I showed in a previous post so I'm hoping this addition really does the trick. 

The good news here is that with all the oiling as well as the rubbing in of that oil, my nails do tend to grow pretty quickly. I'm thinking in about a month, I should be back to polishing. I hope.

Thanks for reading and see you in a week!


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