Friday, February 6, 2015

And A Week Later....

Happy Friday! 

Hope everyone is staying warm and cozy. It's BRRRR! degrees in my corner of the world. I actually went outside in the BRRRR! last night to witness the fly by of the space station. Pretty cool.

But you're probably here to see how my nakies look after a week of care, right? Well, fair warning. Don't expect to see a miracle. They are, however, a bit improved over last week, I think. I wasn't as diligent in the oiling part as I probably could have been. Will try to do better this week.

Anyway, here's your pics - freshly scrubbed nakies.

I've been using the nail brush more regularly because of that right-hand pointer. Still getting some thickening of the nail bed, which gets pushed along as the nail grows out. The nail brush gets out the little bits that break away so they can be eliminated to prevent further contamination or whatever.

I also did some filing work. They are all now pretty much even, the really damaged parts are gone and they're more squarish like I prefer. Just couldn't deal with the roundness. Sorry.

The oil always goes on after a fresh scrubbing. I'm using both the Simply Pure nail oil and the Baby Bliss blend of the Simply Pure and Sweet Baby oils. In hindsight, I will leave them separate in future considering I end up mixing equal drops of each in my dapping dish for application most of the time.

Here's the product portrait. That's a Jolie nail brush, by the way, which you can get here when they're not sold out, as they are right now. This is the 12 if memory serves. I got a larger size, the 14, that works a bit better for clean up so this one was relegated to application of nail oil. 

That's two drops of each in the dapping dish. A bit on the much side, probably, but I prefer that when my nails are fresh from a hand wash. The oil seems to soak in better and more is needed. Another way I apply is to put a single drop on the brush and spread it over and under all nails then rub in. Or I'll just put a drop on each nail straight from the bottles - usually at night just before bed. The excess gets rubbed into my hands

After oil application....

Ah, much, much better. Nails are hydrated as well as protected. Have you ever experienced your nails actually feeling dried out after being exposed to water? The oils seem to do a better job of alleviating that sensation than lotion or cream.

I do follow oil application with hand cream and/or lotion. My favorite thing to do now is to take a bit of the Argan oil hand cream and Burt's Bees Honey and Grapeseed hand cream, mix them together in my palm then rub that combination in, concentrating on my nails. Seems like they absorb better together.

Now, keep in mind - these treatments have not and will not reverse the damage already done to my nails. As you can clearly see from the before photos, the dry parts and peelies are still there. The oils simply fill in the gaps and seal them from further damage. As I file those parts off, hopefully, I'm left with healthy, hydrated nails. And since I am regularly filing the damage away, probably won't see a whole lot of growth over the remaining three weeks of this intensive treatment. I'll just be happy to have nails that are less raggedy at the ends.

Another point of note, I'm also using Simply Pure on the rough areas of my elbows with good results. In addition, I have an injury on my stomach that is healing rather nicely with the oil. 

After two abdominal surgeries - one for gall bladder and one for kidney cancer - I have absolutely no feeling in a large portion of my abdomen. A few weeks ago, I somehow received some wide, deep scrapes in a couple of places. No idea when or how it happened, but I certainly didn't feel it. I've been rubbing the Simply Pure oil into the area at least once a day and seeing some really good results. I would post pics, but the world just ain't ready for that mess. 

There's your update for this week. More in seven days.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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