Monday, March 2, 2015

Final Naked Nail Update - Sorry It's Late

Happy Monday!

I know. I completely forgot to post the last oiling update on Saturday. My sincerest apologies for that. No excuses, but at least I did remember. Not sure when the polish will begin again, though. I've had a couple of mishaps this past week, which I will explain later. On to the pictures.

First, a reminder of what things were like when I began this journey. Leftie first.

And an entire month later.

That clear line on the corner of the middle nail is where the nail is cracked and holding on by only a layer or two. I know when that happened. I have two memory foam mattress toppers on my bed, and the top one insists on sliding so every night I have to yank it back into place. That nail ended up bent and became cracked, as a result. I'll have to deal with that crack once I have finished this post, which means the rest will get filed down to match. The scab on the sidewall is a separate mishap. I stupidly pulled at a hangnail, and it didn't quite come loose in the way I had hoped. The lesson here? Clip, don't pull a hangnail. You would think I'd remember that but nope. Not this time.

Rightie next.

And one month later.

First of all, ignore that hair or whatever that is on my thumb. The things you don't see until you see it up close and personal. Didn't know I had a cut on that thumb either until I saw this. Paper cut probably. 

Anyway, the main mishap here is on the pointer. As you can see, the nail bed is whole once again - no further lifting to report. However, I did find a split in that nail a few days ago and had to file it down real short. I don't think the split happened on its own, either. I think I got careless at some point and did the damage myself. Again, not sure how it happened but I'll need to be more careful from now on. 

The middle fingernail did get some filing done on it as well. My middle fingernails seem to grow the fastest and I wanted it even with the rest. Now, they'll all see some filing done to get everything even again. I like even. Prefer it, actually. 

The one nail that usually lets me down on this hand is still intact, amazingly enough. I can feel where the split will start, if it does, but so far so good. That spot will be filed away so no worries there.

Overall, I am pleased with my results. I did, however, stop using the Sweet Baby oil. It wasn't intentional, I just reached for the Simply Pure and light jojoba oils more often. I did notice that the white started coming back to the tips. There must be something in the Sweet Baby oil that makes the tips more clear? Don't know. I'll still use the Sweet Baby oil on occasion. The Argan oil is the attraction there. 

In addition to using the oils, I also got better at using gloves whenever my hands had to be in contact with water. Except for handwashing. Can't really avoid that. But with everything else, gloves are a must if you want to keep your nails looking lovely and growing long. 

Water is a fingernail's number one enemy - at least, it is for mine. Oil and water may not mix very well, but water will eventually wash the oil away and leave your nails vulnerable. Aside from jojoba oil, water is another substance your nails will readily absorb. 

Have you ever noticed how flat your nails appear after a shower? Are they soft and extremely bendable? That's water they've soaked up. It gets between the layers of your nails, evaporates and leaves your nails drier than they were before you got them wet. I even wear gloves for something as simple as brushing my teeth, and I really believe it helps.

A good place to find informational articles is Ana, the woman behind Simply Pure nail oil, is also the woman who writes the articles for the website. She's really done her homework on the subject. This is where I go when I need advice on a nail problem. 

There you have it. Thirty days of oiling results in healthier, happier, and even longer nails. But you have to be diligent about it, and use the oil every single day, several times a day, and definitely right after washing your hands. It also helps to remember not to go charging in nails first when performing any task and if you're using your nails as tools, stop doing it right now! When it comes to your nail's enemies, that's right up there with water. So, stop it! 

Sorry. Got a little bossy right there. I'm off to go do some filing, possibly some polishing. Hope this help to inspire you to take better care of your nails. They'll definitely thank you for it.

And speaking of thanks, thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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