Sunday, March 15, 2015

New Sinfuls!

Hello! Happy Swatch-Day Sunday!

There are nine new Sinfuls to be had right now - that is if they haven't sold out at your local retailer. I thought my Walgreen's had sold out but apparently there were still some hiding in the back room. I was able to snag all nine in two visits. 

The first three are what Sinful calls BloomBlast - sheer bases with complimentary glitters inside. The next three are called Opalescent - basically sheer shimmers that are meant to go over a darker base color. The last three are the three I have for you today - labeled CitrusTwist.

Here's a closer look for you.

Ring The Belini, Zest of Times, Horizon Shine

We'll start with Ring The Belini.

Not the most flattering color on me. A very sheer orange base with what appear to be orange and gold glitters. This is three coats, and as you can see, this will never build to complete opacity. A nice tint or a topper, possibly. The color makes me think of orange juice.

Next, Zest of Times.

Just as sheer as Ring the Belini, if not more so - there's three coats here. This is a very sheer pink base with pink and possibly purple glitter as well as a nice pink shimmer. Do you see blue there? I didn't until I took the pictures. In the bottle, I noticed a goldish shimmer that didn't show up on my nails. This one may just have multiple personalities depending on the light. I thought of pink grapefruit juice as I put this one on.

And finally Horizon Shine. This one is my favorite.

One coat is just as sheer as the other two. However, this one will build to near opacity. A strawberry red base with a nice pink shimmer. This is also three coats. I'm thinking a fourth might have completely eliminated visible nail line. The finish on this one is a bit different as well. More metallic than the other two. This one also harbors a bit of gold at her heart. 

Formula on all three was nice. They dried to a smooth finish. Removal did not require foil. These came off pretty much effortlessly. No staining to report.

Now, you may recall the color washed manicures using the OPI Sheer Tints from a while back. As I put these on, I began wondering how they would look with a similar treatment. So, I experimented, and I do like the result.

I chose to use L'Oreal Masked Affair as a holographic base.

This picture is from January, by the way. Nails were only slightly longer than they are right now.

I used two coats of Masked Affair, no base coat, then just went for it putting the three colors on in no particular pattern.

I like the way the overlap made a completely new color. The holo was still quite visible beneath, even the less sheer Horizon Shine. I topped this off with a thick coat of Out The Door. When I do this again, I'll use a smaller brush so I can get a better random pattern. Using one color over all the nails would also give a pretty result. 

I'll have the other six for you in two separate posts since they also have layering potential. Look for those later in the week.

For the moment, thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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