Sunday, March 29, 2015

Orly Color Blast - Ice-Solated and A Little Tip

Happy Sunday!

I'm not swatching today, but I did do a manicure. I've had four of the new Orly Color Blast polishes staring at me for a few weeks now and finally decided to put one on. I haven't done much polishing since I've been working from home, but it's time to put an end to that habit. I usually have longer nails when I'm polishing more regularly.

I chose Ice-Solated to break that polish fast. 

This is one of the new colors in connection with the movie Frozen. The bottles are smaller - .37 ounces versus the usual .6. Still bigger than a mini. I actually found these at Walgreens. They usually don't carry Orly. I'm hoping it means they're going to start.

I would call this Robin's egg blue with a blue shimmer. Formula is sheer. What you see are four coats. Needed that many to get a fairly even coverage. 

Formula wasn't bad. It didn't thicken up on me, at least, and dried fairly quickly between coats. I figured I needed four coats so I used a single coat of Orly Bonder for the base - I normally do two - and a single coat of Out The Door for the top.

I wasn't sure this color was going to go well with my skin tone but once all four coats were on, it seemed like it would be ok. A good Easter Egg color and perfect to celebrate the arrival (finally!) of Spring.

Now for the little tip I have to share. 

If you use a small dish of pure acetone for clean up like I do, and you have any kind of oil lying around - be it nail oil or other - try a two or three drops in the remover next time you do clean up. I have a pure jojoba oil that I use, but I've also used my Bliss Kiss Pure Nail Oil as well. The oil does not seem to affect the effectiveness of the acetone, and my cuticles don't come away as dry.

Apply a drop of that oil to your clean up brush when you're done. I've found it helps the bristles to remain tight and keep their shape. Might help them last longer, as well.

That's it for today. Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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