Thursday, March 19, 2015

Sinful Colors Bloomblast

Happy Thursday. 

This post was supposed to go up on Tuesday, but I ended up going out with my Mom instead. Lately, it's been rare that she's willing to go out of the house but this week, we can't seem to keep her in. 

Started with a birthday dinner out for my Dad on Monday then she and I went all over Meijer supposedly just looking. We bought some succulent plants, and when I got home and looked them up, I realized we didn't have the correct soil, so I said I wanted to go out the next day to get some. 

By the next morning, my knee that has been bothering me was really complaining about all the walking we did so I decided it would be best just to stay home and rest it. As soon as Mom saw me, she asked when we were going to go after the potting soil. I didn't have the heart to tell her I had changed my mind. We were out all afternoon and by the time we got home, I was done. But we had a really good time together and for me, that was more important.

So, today I have for you the swatches I had planned to do on Tuesday. These are the glitter toppers that Sinful calls Bloomblast. They are a sheer base with multiple sized hex and round glitters in colors complementary to the base color.

  l to r: Petal Be The Day, Flower Power, Standing Bloom Only

Since I think these are meant to be glitter toppers, I picked out what my testing showed to be the best complementary cream base colors. I did try them over black and I really don't recommend it. The base on these is more milky than sheer and did not translate well over black polish. 

The pairings:

l to r: Sally Hansen Babe Blue, SinfulShine Spitfire, Sinful Colors Anchors Away

For these pictures, I used three coats of the Bloomblast polishes alone and two coats over three coats of the cream base. No base or top coat. 

First, let's take a look at Petal Be The Day over Sally Hansen Babe Blue.

Petal Be The Day is the sheerest of the three, but I would consider wearing it alone. The base color is a milky periwinkle. The glitters are blue and pink. I like how alone it gives a nude look with that sparkle of glitter. Babe Blue was a good match.

Next, Flower Power over Spitfire.

Flower Power is a milky purple leaning pink with white and magenta glitters. As you can see, she's nearly opaque at three coats all by herself. In fact, there's very little difference between the three coats alone and the two coats over three coats of Spitfire. These two matched so perfectly that I regretted not digging around for a Sinful to go with Petal Be The Day.

And finally, Standing Bloom Only over Anchors Away.

Standing Bloom Only has this nearly opaque milky orange base with red and orange glitters. This one could definitely be worn alone with no visible nail line. While Anchors Away is more of a yellow leaning orange (I know it looks yellow in the picture, but it's not really), it proved to be the best match of the three oranges I tested. 

Now, what you're probably wondering by now is, how easily do these come off? I'm happy to tell you that they came off ridiculously easy. I didn't have to use foil or any special effort. Just a half cotton round soaked in Zoya Remove got me perfectly clean nails in no more time than it takes for a cream polish. On the other hand, I did take the polish off right after taking the pictures so a few days of wear might make the difference. Still, with other glitters that I've swatched, I did have to use foil to get them off even though I only had the polish on long enough to get a picture.

The other positive aspect of these is the way in which I didn't have to play around with the polish to get enough glitter off of the brush and onto the nail. I usually avoid polishes like these because I have such trouble getting the glitter to get on the nail and stay on when using multiple coats. Didn't have a bit of a problem with these. The first coat alone was a bit sparse, but each subsequent coat left more and more glitter behind. And absolutely no trouble with polishing over the cream base. I'm very impressed with these polishes.

There are the three opalescents left to show you. That'll be my post for Saturday. Tomorrow, you'll get my nails of the day for Friday. Since I missed doing a St. Patty's day mani, I'm going green a few days late.

That's it for today. Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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