Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sinful Colors Opalescent

Happy Swatch Day Sunday!

I actually have four polishes to show you today. In addition to the three Opalescents, I also swatched the black that I used as a base, Wet N Wild Black Cream.

So, for all you black nail polish lovers out there, this is for you. Just two coats here.

Now, why they're calling this one new is a mystery to me. The only thing new about it is the shape of the bottle, which I didn't get a shot of. Sorry. The brush on this was quite stiff which made it difficult to control where the polish went, as evidenced by the black staining on the cuticle of my ring finger. The formula dries very shiny all by itself. As to the color - well, it's black. Not really fond of it on me but maybe for Halloween. Still, it's a good color to over which to put sheer color shifters like these new Sinfuls. As you'll soon see.

As with the other new polish colors, there are three in this set.

l to r: Flight To See, Prized Plume, Sheer Flight

I would have called these more iridescent rather than opalescent but that's just me. All three have a sheer base. The first two have complementary shimmers that didn't really change much over black while the third one - well, you'll see. It is the one I picked as my favorite.

All pictures are four coats alone and two coats layered over black.

Let's look at the purple one first. There's pink in this here purple.

 Flight To See
Flight To See

Gotta say that I like it alone much better. Doesn't really do much for me over black. The formula got kind of thick on me during application. It can be worn alone but does show a bit of patchiness as well as some visible nail line. I'd still wear it alone.

Now the blue one. Light blue shimmer here.

 Prized Plume
Prized Plume

Again, doesn't look much different over black. Just darker. Formula on this one was better. It didn't thicken up quite as much but still showed plenty of nail line and patchiness.

Ah, the favorite. 

 Sheer Flight
Sheer Flight

As you can see, this one shows off a completely different personality when turned to the dark side. That lovely gold/green is eye catching - and befuddling to my camera, apparently. Couldn't get a decent bottle shot to save my life. Sheerest of the lot but still so pretty and the blur only enhances the shimmer. It did stain just a bit, but some scrubbing and nail oil took care of it. I would consider wearing this one layered over black.

So glad I finally got these done. Looking forward to what Sinful comes up with next.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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