Sunday, March 8, 2015

Zoya Mattes

Happy Sunday!

Decided to break my swatch fast with these beautiful matte polishes from Zoya. A little late on that bandwagon but better late than never. 

I nearly passed on the whole matte business because I'm not a big fan of the matte finish. However, I am glad that I did decide on these three. In their matte form, they have at least a little personality but with a shiny top coat? WOWZA!

A little disclaimer here - I am completely out of practice in polishing and cleanup right now. With all the nail drama this Winter, I haven't done a lot of polishing. Just giving you fair warning.

Now, on to the polishes.

I got these during the last 3-free promo - I think. Posh is photographing a bit too pink here. The light is catching on the magenta shimmer inside her. 

All three are quite beautiful. I'm giving you both the matte and glossy versions in one go. I wanted to see the side by side comparisons myself.

Let's start with Savita, shall we?.

Luscious purple with a lovely pink shimmer that shows up better when glossy. This is three coats - had a bit of trouble getting even coverage. Not the fault of the polish. As I said, I'm a bit out of practice. 

Application of Verushka went a bit better. Two coats here.

The green on green in this one is very nice. Kind of reminds me of Logan without all the gold and the blue shift. 

And now for my favorite of the three - Posh.

I had such a hard time getting good pics of this one. She kept showing up more pink and less of the deep, rich red with magenta shimmer that she appears on my nails. I played around with the camera settings and finally found some that worked the best. Still couldn't capture the color as it appears in real life but this is pretty close. Notice with the glossy version how that inner fire just pops. This is why Posh is my favorite of the three. I think a lot of people like Posh, too. Posh held up shipping of my order.

Not much in the way of staining to report for any of them. I really expected Verushka to be the guilty party, but it was Posh that left a bit herself behind. Not enough to be unsightly but the pinkish part of my nail plate is a bit more pink right now. 

Surprised Savita isn't my favorite? Yeah. Me, too. This has been happening quite a lot lately. Could be I'm all purpled out? And yes, that thumbnail had a bit of an accident - again. At least they're growing fast. I will try to keep them polished now, which should help.

I'm carrying a bit of a heavy schedule right now what with copywriting and writing courses and revising my first novel. My swatch days may end up being a little erratic, but I do intend to try to keep up with at least weekly posts. I have days during the week where my brain is just too full to read or write another word. Those will most likely be the days that I play with polish. I'll also continue to post any manicures I do. I missed Valentine's again this year, but St. Patty's is still on the horizon. 

I am hoping to get my hands on Zoya's Spring collection. To me, they look a bit like last year's, so I'm anxious see if I'm right.

With all that in mind, I'll leave this with you. Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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