Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Ellagee Sexy Old Girl & Sinful Colors Most Sinful

Happy Mid-Week!

Thought I'd share the nails I'm sporting today. Continuing the blue theme for Autism Awareness Month, I chose these two polishes for this manicure.

I used Most Sinful as the base color - a bright blue cream that reminds me a lot of the original version of Sally Hansen's Pacific Blue.

Perhaps not exactly Tardis blue but wait...

Gets a little closer with Ellagee's Sexy Old Girl on top. I just wish it was possible to capture the true beauty of this combination. This is one time when a blurry pinkie serves an excellent purpose - shows off a bit of the holographic sparkle from Sexy Old Girl. Kind of reminds me of Zoya Dream - in real life, the colors are a bit darker than they photographed.

This is 2-3 coats of Most Sinful - only a few nails needed that extra coat to fill in where my application was uneven. Formula is pretty good on this one. It's one of the Sinful Shine line and does dry with a very shiny finish on its own. I would still use topcoat to protect the color and help keep wear to a minimum. 

I then used a single coat of Sexy Old Girl. As with most glitter polishes, formula was thick but not difficult to work with. I would have used thinner, but I was afraid that would affect application more than I wanted.

Orly Bonder is underneath it all and a single coat of Out The Door tops it all off.

I love this combo. I'm hoping to see it under sunlight before I have to take it off. If I do, I'll post a pic or two.

Thanks for reading and stayed tuned.


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