Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Nubbies Again!

Happy Wednesday!

Not a whole lot going on polish-wise in Ten Penny Nails land. After spending this past Sunday potting and repotting houseplants, the nails looked a little worse for wear. Ok, a lot worse for wear. 

I did use gloves but ended up bare handed in the end. The gloves only made my hands sweat, which meant the nails were drenched in wet anyway. And it was hard to tell through the gloves what my fingers were doing so off they came.

I ended up filing way down but at least this way, I'll have ten fresh starts to play with in about a week or so.

Let's call this a naked nail update, shall we? Here they are - freshly scrubbed and oiled.

I told you they were nubbies again. There were lots of peelies as well as sidewall splits in both  thumbs and the left pointer when I got done playing in the dirt. All that damage got filed away. If you look real close at that ring fingernail on my right hand, you can see where that annoying split tends to happen in that corner nearest my thumb. I am finding that keeping that corner rounded helps, but it will still split even if I am careful about it. Whenever I feel that catch in the edge that tells me the split is in progress, I will 'seal' it with a glass file at the edge as well as a ruby stone underneath. So far, I've been able to get some decent growth out of that nail before disaster strikes.

There is also some unevenness in the nail lines of a few nails as well as perhaps a bit of lifting on the pointers. I used an older clear polish as a base recently and the lifting showed up afterward. I have since tossed that polish. The base I usually use is a mixture of an anti-fungal base and my usual Orly Bonder. I used that with the next manicure and that seems to have stopped the lifting. More frequent oiling and use of Burt's Bees Honey & Grapeseed Hand Cream will also help. Seems the combination of nail oil and hand cream really works for me to heal the nail bed when the nails begin to lift. I don't think it's a return of the nail fungus - at least, I hope it's not not.

Sometimes it's good to get a fresh start with new nail growth. I'll be babying these ten for a bit before putting polish on them. I find trying to polish nubbies to be more difficult than when they are long. There's also the fact that nail treatments work better when there is no polish in the way impede absorption. 

That's is it for now. Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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