Thursday, June 18, 2015

Birthday Nails! Sinful Colors Pipaya and Smokey Mountain Lacquers HTC

Happy Thursday!

I actually did my birthday nails tonight. Last night, by the time I got done playing with makeup, I was too tired to fool with polish.

And no, that is not a spelling error up there for the Sinful polish. I got it wrong yesterday. Oh, well. However they want to spell it, Pipaya is very pretty on its own.

I put two coats of this over one coat of Orly Bonder and one coat of Bliss Kiss Simply Smooth. Don't worry about that bubble on my thumb. Once the holographic top coat goes on, that will completely disappear.

Dry time on Pipaya is really good. By the time I finished the first coat on the right hand, the left hand was dry enough to start the second coat. This dries to a satin finish. If this was all I was going to wear, I would put a coat of Out The Door over this because, you know...shiny nails.

I then put on a single coat of Smokey Mount Lacquers HTC and....

The holo on this stuff is just amazballs! This top coat was so easy to put on. Not sure what that is on my middle nail. Must be something with the lights because I checked and I swear there was nothing there. One coat of Out The Door and this mani was al dente in no time - meaning I could run a nail over my tooth without damage. 

My friends appreciate my nails more than my folks, which is another reason I waited until tonight to do them. More birthday fun will be had tomorrow with my friends. Today we just went to lunch at O'Charley's (caramel pie...mmmmm). Had the Panko breaded shrimp with sweet potato fries and hush puppies. We brought a whole pie home for later noshing. Yummy!

And I ate too much - what else is new? 

I'm watching water marble videos as I write this. Might have to do another one myself soon. I have some nice Xtreme Wear colors that I would like to see in a water marble. We'll see what transpires.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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