Sunday, June 28, 2015

Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 Foundation

Happy Sunday! 

After switching this post out for the nail post I put up Friday, I had intended on putting this up yesterday after road testing the Stay Luminous foundation from Covergirl as a comparison. However, thanks to some irritating results from a lash accelerator I used Friday night, I decided it best to just leave things well enough alone. I will, however, be road testing the Stay Luminous tomorrow and will post my findings after that. 

The weather has also been very mean to me the last few days. My sinuses are a wreck right now. Antihistamine helps but leaves me with the strong need to sleep. A lot. 

But this is today and here we go.

While I am happy with the tinted moisturizer I recently purchased by NYX, I do need a bit more coverage than it actually gives me. I have a ruddy complexion that might possibly be a mild case of rosacea, although I've never been diagnosed officially. It comes and goes and seems to get brighter when I'm agitated or stressed so it may also be blood pressure showing up as red cheeks. 

Since I have been taking better care of my skin, my Mom has told me that the reddish part has been lessening and I've noticed it as well. Still, I need something to camouflage it when I wear makeup or I look like I've put on way too much blush.

The Wet n Wild Coverall does help. I used it Tuesday underneath the NYX tinted moisturizer, but the red still peeked through, even with the color correction. In searching for something that might work better, I came across this 3 in 1 foundation by Covergirl. After watching several reviews on YouTube, I decided to try it for myself.

There are 14 shades in this line so matching skin tone was pretty easy for me. The darkest shade, however, might still be too light for darker skinned lovelies. The buff Beige looks best on me right now but for the winter, I may default to the Classic Ivory. I got this at Kroger - makeup is usually cheaper there - so there were no testers to be had but I matched the color to the underside of my wrist area and the Buff Beige was only slightly darker.

The formula is on the thin side but went on smoothly with just my fingers. I normally use a brush but it was dirty. I swatched on my hand for you.

 this was about half a pump
 rather liquid consistency
fully blended into the back of my hand

The foundation does dry to a matte finish, not quite powdery but definitely not moist or sticky in any way. In fact, it felt just a little too dry on my skin, which tends toward dryness anyway. Other reviewers said and I agree that this foundation would be perfect for girls with skin that tends to be oily. For dry skin, not so much. It will gather in the wrinkles and creases, even after it sets. Powder might keep it from doing, that but I didn't use any for these pictures.

I do like the coverage. I wouldn't call this full coverage by any means, but medium sounds about right.  

I do think it evened out my skin tone and diminished the redness somewhat. I will still need to use the color correctors underneath for full coverage of redness and dark circles but for a simple, natural look, I think this is just about perfect. My cheeks just look flushed now instead of sunburned. A natural blush. I'd wear this with a bit of mascara and some lip gloss. 

Wear time: this seemed to last me all day. I did have some rub off around my nose. However, this really became almost uncomfortably dry for me. I could not wait to get this off my skin after wearing it all day. My skin felt sucked dry by that time and the wrinkles were really there for all to see - not that I have many but I do have them. I could still see pools of foundation inside my largish pores. 

I would definitely not recommend this version if you are any kind of dry. I'm anxious to see if the Stay Luminous version works better for me. I am also considering a few other options: mixing the 3 in 1 with moisturizer - kind of creating my own tinted moisturizer that will match my skin tone and still give me some better coverage; I'm also considering mixing the Stay Luminous and 3 in 1 together. I got the Stay Luminous in buff beige as well but it seems to be just a shade darker than the 3 in 1 version. We'll all find out when I use it tomorrow.

Change of subject! I also picked up a few more of the L'Oreal Infallible eyeshadows. They were much cheaper at Kroger than they were at Walgreens.

l to r: Perpetual Purple, Endless Sea, Golden Sage

I love that purple. No surprise there, right?

I still plan to swatch the Gothic Gala Lacquers polishes I bought recently but probably not today. My head is still unhappy with the barometric pressures going on. I really need this front or whatever it is to just move on and let the sun shine for a couple of days. The sun is trying to break through as we speak but the clouds are having none of it. This is June, right? Ergh!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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