Friday, June 26, 2015

Dollish Polish Beauty School Dropout with Heart Glitters Manicure

Happy Friday!

I had another post scheduled for today, but I was too excited to share today's manicure with you. It's so darn cute!

You've already seen Dollish Polish Beauty School Dropout swatched, but I did this as a full manicure for today with a few heart glitters on top.

Yes. I am back to nubbins. That left thumbnail was actually cracked across one corner and finally decided to break all the way when I took off the last manicure. But in a way, I'm glad it happened. I really like this look on shorties like this.

Because I usually have issues with polish like this, I decided to enhance whatever I managed to get on the nail by adding some heart glitters out of the bunch that my friend, Jenny, sent me for my birthday.

Teeny tiny bottle. The hearts looked like they were all pink but as you can see, they look different colors depending on the angle. They are slightly holographic, too. Plus!

So here you see pink, peach, yellow, purple and these are all the same base color. I'm wishing now that I'd used a few more. Oh, well. I did put two coats of Out The Door on this because the hearts are very flat and on curved nails, they kind of stick up a bit. And I wanted to make sure none were accidently knocked off. I'd like to keep this on for a few days since I just love it.

Those are my NOTD nails for Friday. I've scheduled the original post for today to pop up here tomorrow. I picked up a new to me foundation from Covergirl and gave it a try so, selfie alert! I'm wearing it as we speak so I'll be able to let you know about the wear time.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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