Tuesday, June 16, 2015

First Makeup/Skin Care Haul Post

Happy Tuesday!

Got my first makeup and skin care haul post for you. I went to CVS yesterday for some cleansing wipes and ended up with more than I'd planned. 

The last time I did anything with makeup was so long ago that what I used is a little old at this point. It's been more than a year but less than two years so some of what I used is still good but since I've ordered new stuff, I'll get rid of the old. Eventually.

Here is what the collection looks like now, minus the new stuff from yesterday.

I did throw away the mascara, though. I guess mascara's only good for 6 months while the rest can go up to two years before it needs to be tossed. Before I ordered the new stuff, I put on the old and left it on to see if anything irritated me. Nothing did so I'll continue to use for a while, anyway.

My skin care lately has been hit or miss - mostly miss. My skin had gotten pretty bad as a result - really bumpy, flaky, and had started breaking out again. Since I decided to start using makeup again, I've also started taking better care of my skin. 

I've used Noxema since I was a teenager and it still does a good job so no need to change that. Used to use the tub version and now I use the cream version in the pump, which is really hard to find locally so guess where I have to get it from? Yep. Amazon. I can get 6 bottles at a time so I don't have to worry about running out real quick.

When I last wore makeup, I started using the Ponds Evening Soothe because it was the only thing I could use to take off eye makeup that didn't irritate my eyes. Still stands so I got a fresh batch.

I can still use the old ones. They are dried out but can be moistened with water and still good to go. As an added bonus, once the makeup is off, I can rinse the wipe out, put a couple of pumps of Noxema on it and use it as a washcloth. Really handy for that.

I also use scrubs from St. Ives when I shower. It's just easier to use them then. Otherwise, I feel like I'm gritty all day. All that grit gets washed away in the shower. I've been using the blemish control version but will be switching back and forth between that one and this one.

I have slight rosacea and this seems to reduce the redness quite a bit. The little exfoliating bits are very fine, which is why I would alternate with the blemish control version with the ground apricot kernels. Once I have my skin back under control, I might just use the grapefruit one all the time and leave the blemish control one for an occasional use.

Ok. On to those lip thingies I got. I've got a feeling that makeup will become the same kind of obsession that nail polish is. I was in Kroger after I went to CVS and found myself in the makeup aisle. Had to make tracks before temptation got the better of me. OY!

Anyway....the kit I'm getting does have some lip colors but I also wanted a pencil and a gloss. I don't line my lips because it just looks weird on me. I also prefer lighter formulas and colors. I just don't like my lips in bold colors and definitely not red. I don't know why but I don't. I usually go for nude or pinkish colors.

Now, I did do some lip selfies to show the colors on but this is the first time so don't laugh if they look weird. Ok? 

First I'll show you the Burt's Bees Lip Shimmers in Apricot and Guava.

 don't know why it ended up this way - was supposed to be landscape(?)

Apricot doesn't really shimmer but Guava sure does. I like them both but I think I'll probably use Apricot more.

Next are the two I got from Wet-n-Wild.

 The balm stain is very creamy and goes on smooth. The pink isn't really all that bright on me, for which I'm relieved. Looks more like rose on me. I was worried but I thought the gloss I also got would diffuse the brightness.

I put Sinless over top of Stiff Pink and it did diffuse the color and added a nice shimmer. I love this combination. And just so you know, the gloss is really, really frosty all by itself so I'll probably never wear it that way. Looked really weird and I didn't get a picture so sorry about that.

As for the other two things...

...pretty self-explanatory, I guess. The blender sponge is very hard, though, and since I've never seen one before, I don't know if it's supposed to be hard like this. The ones I've seen used in the videos seem to be softer. I will splurge on the real Beauty Blender later if I decide I want to use that to blend my face colors. I'm going to try both a blender and the brush method and maybe end up doing both.

This is all going to be new to me. Makeup techniques have changed a lot over the years. I'm looking forward to playing. The kit should be here sometime today and hopefully it will arrive intact. Some have received theirs broken so I'm crossing my fingers.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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