Sunday, June 21, 2015

Swatch Day Sunday Is Back!

Happy Sunday. 

This week, I have swatches for the polishes out of the June 2015 Beauty Quartet Box. As you'll be able to guess by the names, the theme for this box was based on the movie Grease.

l to r: Gothic Gala Lacquers Wop Bam Boom, Dollish Polish Beauty School Dropout
Philly Loves Lacquer Summer Lovin' and Had Me A Blast,
Smokey Mountain Lacquers Holographic Top Coat and Better Shape Up

First, a disclaimer - the atmosphere today was not at all conducive for polish swatching. Some of these bubbled up on me a bit. Not the fault of the formula by any means. Just not a good day for polish. My overhead fan, which is normally not a problem, sure didn't help today. So if you see bubbling, just know it was the fault of the polisher, not the polish.

Now...let's take these left to right, shall we?

Gothic Gala Lacquers Wop Bam Boom is a glitter bomb. I would equate this with the Zoya Pixie Dust polishes. Blackened base with tons of holographic glitters just packed inside.

This polish drove my camera just bit insane. Could not get a clear picture of the sparkle no matter how hard I tried. This is two coats. Dry time was very quick. Formula was a bit on the thick side, which is perfectly normal for a glitter bomb like this one. I would probably use this more as a glitter topper than all by itself since there were some bare spots where the glitter would brush off with the second coat. Again, perfectly normal. If you were to wear this alone with several coats, you'd probably also need several coats of top coat to get a smooth finish. Or you could leave it textured. Either way, this is a gorgeous, sparkly polish.

Next, I put on Dollish Polish Beauty School Dropout - a milky white with pink and holographic glitters of various sizes and shapes.

I would normally not wear polishes like this because I have such trouble getting the glitters on the nail - as you can see by the bareness of the pointer here. This polish, however, I would wear for the color and then use some extra glitter shapes to enhance what's already here. I've already pulled out a heart shape from the glitters my friend got me for my birthday and plan to do that at some point this week.

Formula on this one did not seem to be affected by the bad atmosphere. It went on easily and did dry shiny but a bit on the lumpy side from the glitters. A good coating of topcoat would probably smooth things out. I'll have to let you know when I do this one as a full manicure. Dry time is normal.

Up next are the two from Philly Loves Lacquer. We'll look at Summer Lovin' first - a nude pink with a subtle holo.

I have to be honest - I wasn't sure I was going to like this one. I'm normally not into pale pinks like this but I have to say, it won me over once I put it on. This is the perfect nude pink. I love that the holo is so subtle. Yes. You read that right. The holo girl said it and she meant it. This polish is a very girly color that is so flattering on the hands. Dried to a shine in a decent amount of time. 

Over this, I applied Had Me A Blast - another glitter bomb but not so densely packed as Wop Bam Boom. Had Me A Blast is a clear base with pink, white and what I think are black glitters (or could be dark gray or silver or even maroon but it's really hard to tell), in various sizes and shapes. Some also look like they may be holographic.

This is a single coat on all but the ring finger, on which there are two coats. I do like the look, although, I think I would have preferred the darker glitters not be in there to keep the look more pastel. As with most glitters, formula is on the thick side but not hard to work with. I was very impressed that the nails with a single coat ended up with a good covering of glitter. Only did the second coat on the ring finger just to see how much more I could get on there without wiping off the previous coat. This was a success. 

And by the way, yes, the holo underneath still came through. Dried shiny, as you can see, and in reasonable time. A coat of topcoat would probably smooth it all out nicely.

And now...the whole reason I purchased this box to begin with...That Red!!!

This is Better Shape Up from Smokey Mountain Lacquers - a gorgeous red shimmer that also has a lovely shift to a gold halo. You can sort of see that in the bottle and I did try to capture it in the top photo. It will show brush marks unless very carefully applied (and in a better atmosphere than I had at the time). 

The second picture was taken with flash in an attempt to show the shimmer but for the most part, this polish just glows. Dry time is pretty quick, which is one reason why I had a such hard time what with the overhead fan and all. So draft free would be the way to go for application. The formula had gotten kind of thick by the second coat so a little thinner would have work wonders.

As if the glowy goodness of this polish wasn't enough, I just had to try the holographic topcoat on it. You have already seen this on my last manicure but over this red?  I'm drooling.

Pardon me while I gawk. This is probably the best photographing holographic anything I own. I know the second picture was taken in rather low light and that seems to be where this holo really shines. Well, in the sun, obviously, but since the sun insisted on playing hide and seek today, I didn't even bother trying. Just look at those rainbows!

Formula on this one is about as perfect as it gets. The atmosphere and fan didn't seem to phase it in the least. This also didn't seem to give the red a brownish cast as I've experienced with other holo top coats. In fact, if anything, it looks more like a purple leaning red with the topcoat on. I just love this look.

Overall, I am quite impressed with the quality of the products that came in this box. This is my first experience with all of these indies and just goes to show me that indies do it much better. Just sayin'. 

The other two products that came in the box - the cuticle balm from Dollish Polish and the non-drying polish remover from Gothic Gala Lacquers were very nice additions. I've already used quite a bit of the cuticle balm - I love the scent, Cucumber melon. It has now become a staple in my daily nail care routine.

As for the polish remover, all I can say is - this is my new go-to polish remover, without a single doubt. Sorry Zoya but Gothic Gala Lacquers has got it right. I've already used up the Sex on the Beach scent (sad face). In fact, I used it up before I was done taking off the last swatch. Instead of opening one of the new ones, I defaulted to Zoya. Well, imagine my surprise to discover that it took me longer to get the polish off with the Zoya than it did with the other. 

I know! Shocked!

In fact, the Gothic Gala Lacquers remover handled that glitter bomb, Wop Bam Boom, like a champ. I was kind of worried because I was trying to use it sparingly, but there wasn't a single problem getting the glitter completely off.

Faster polish removal and non-drying and you get to choose your scent? Yes, please. Just go get this remover. You definitely won't regret it.

That's all I have for you today (ain't that enough?). I plan to swatch my Gothic Gala Lacquers order next Sunday. Until then, thanks for reading and stay tuned. 


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