Friday, June 12, 2015


Happy Friday!

Yes, I'm still among the living, just been very, very busy with this career shift thing. How about I make up for the lack of posts with one ginormous one?

So, since I'm not going out of the house much, I'm also not doing a lot of polishing. Yes, I know. Do it for myself and all that but I truly haven't had much motivation to polish. I have, however, been oiling quite a bit but as we all know (or if you don't), nail treatments penetrate much better on naked nails. 

I've also been keeping my nails rather short lately. By choice, mind you. It's just easier to type with shorter nails and the darker polishes just look so much better on shorter nails. At least, that's my opinion.

I did break this most recent fast with two gorgeous polishes from Literary Lacquers - Some Glad Morning and Lake of Shining Waters. I will show you those in a minute but first, I want to share what just arrived today. It's the June 2015 Beauty Quartet Box from Philly Loves Lacquer.

There were two reasons for purchasing this box. One of them actually came in the box, which you'll find out later. Also, I am a June baby so this is my birthday present to me.

This is my first ever compilation box from anyone and I'm truly impressed with this one. Each indie included a second product with their contribution. The box was $50 but what I got was worth a whole lot more. By the way, this is also my first experience with all of these indies.

Oh, and you'll probably begin to see a theme here but I'll wait until later to confirm it. And yes, I will be swatching all of these for you really soon. I promise.

I'll start on the right with the contribution from Gala Goth Lacquers.

The polish is Wop Bam Boom - a total glitter bomb of a polish just stuffed full of holographic glitter dust. Seriously. This looks like Tinkerbell exploded or something. (Sorry, Tink.) The base on this may or may not be blackened. Even on white paper, I couldn't tell for all the sparkly goodness. Can't wait to wear this.

The second product is a non-drying polish remover. The scent, Sex on the Beach, is quite lovely and tropical. I can smell coconut and pineapple and maybe a citrus under note? Really nice. Looking forward to using this on my current manicure.

Next is the offering from Dollish Pollish.

The polish is Beauty School Dropout (and if you don't get it from that...). This is a milky base that almost looks like a very, very pale pink to me, with pink and holographic glitters in various sizes and shapes. I usually don't have a whole lot of luck with polishes like this but after swatching on a nail wheel, I'm thinking this one might just work for me.

The other product is truly the bomb - or balm. Yeah. Pun not working. Moving on.

This is the cuticle balm that I hear a lot about. The flavor here is Cucumber Melon and I am loving this stuff already. It smells incredible and works magic. I put it on immediately after opening it.

I love products that have the fewest ingredients possible and ones that I can actually pronounce. This little pot will take up permanent residence on my nightstand for nightly use. 

Next up is the two polishes from Philly Loves Lacquer - Summer Lovin' and Had Me A Blast (got it now?).

Summer Lovin' is pink and holographic and what more do you need? The holo is very subtle...until the sun hits it then wowza! I love this a lot. 

Had Me A Blast is quite simply a glitter bomb. There's all sizes and shapes, mostly pinkish shades but I do see a few pale colors in there like blue and yellow - or maybe that's just the holographic-ness. Whatever. This one has some serious sparkle power.

Last but certainly not least and if I'm being honest, the whole reason I bought the box in the first place - Smokey Mountain Lacquers in Better Shape Up and HTC (Holographic Top Coat).

OMG! That red! Seriously. This red is just phenomenal. All glowy and delicious. Just love me a glowy red like this. Saw this one swatched and just knew I had to make it mine.

HTC, Holographic Top Coat is just simply that. A top coat that turns any polish into a holographic masterpiece and it does it without obliterating the base color like some will. I may need to find out if they make a vat size of this one cuz I will be using it over absolutely everything, I'm sure. I swatched this over Better Shape Up because there is no such thing as too much glowy holo-y goodness, right? And wowey-wowey-wow-wow. I cannot wait to swatch this one for you. 

Ok. Guess the theme yet? Yeppers. It was Grease, one of my all time favorite movies. 

But wait, there's more!

A good friend who is also a June baby sent me a package containing the following.

Aren't they just adorable? (Thank you, Jenny!) There are bar glitters, flakies, glitter dust as well as shapes - hearts, stars, and hexes. Lots of glitters here and I've already thought up at least one use for them - if I can figure out how to do it, that is. Not a lot of glitter for practice with, though, so I'll have to get it right the first time.

Tired yet? I hope not because - ta-da! My current manicure with Literary Lacquers Some Glad Morning and Lake of Shining Waters.

And I just figured out how to get the flash on my camera to trigger so yay, me!

You've already seen it up there with the cuticle balm pictures but a few more pics can't hurt.

 Some Glad Morning
 Lake of Shining Waters
Some Glad Morning (all nails but the ring finger) is a group custom Amy did for the Literary & Lacquers FaceBook group. I missed out the first time around but when she offered it again, I grabbed me one. This gorgeous turquoise holographic really shines under most lighting conditions but especially in sunlight, as you'll see here in a bit.

Sorry but I don't remember the literary inspiration for this one beyond the hymn I'll Fly Away, in which it's the opening line of the piece. "Some glad morning, when this life is o're, I'll fly away." One of my favorite hymns. 

Lake of Shining Waters is the accent nail. Another gorgeous holo in a deep teal inspired by the Ann of Green Gables series of books. You can read more about the background of this polish by following the link in the polish name. You can also get your own bottle there and I highly recommend that you do. Amy does an awesome job with her polishes.

I actually got the chance to capture some sun photos of this and all I can say is wow.

Seriously! And these photos don't even come close to doing these beauties any justice at all. I think my camera kind of freaked out, too.

And finally, not sure if you noticed but there is a new profile picture here. I finally decided to be the real me. Here's the photo it's taken from.

That would be me, in all my rosy glory. I just had my hair done and I think some of the hairlets got me on my neck. That shirt had gotten quite itchy by this time.

My good friend Kim took the photo for me and my hair was done by Terri Shank of Terri's Country Cutter. She's been doing my parents' hair for some time now and since I'm now home during the day, I started going to her as well. She does a wonderful job. I never have to redo anything when she's through.

Whew! Is that enough do you think? Have I redeemed myself for going AWOL? I sure hope so.

Aside from swatching the June Beauty Quartet Box for you, probably won't be doing much more swatching until funds are flowing inward once again. I will, however, endeavor to post more manicures as I do them. I really do need to get back to regular manicures. I think it will help keep me motivated. 

So, until next time, thanks for reading and do stay tuned.


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