Friday, July 10, 2015

Haul Post Friday

Happy Friday!

This will be a product filled post today. I'm combining everything into a single post so sit back, relax and enjoy.

Ok. Lots to show here. First is the Wet n Wild Balm Stains. Since lighting is still an issue here in Ten Penny Nails land, I swatched on white paper, which actually works better than my lips with many of these.

 l to r: Nudist Colony, A Stiff Pink, Coral Of The Story, See If I Carrot, Made You Pink, Red-ioactive

I may have already shown a couple of these. I have six so far. Not sure how many are available. It  seems to vary. I have some that I don't find online but all were purchased at Walgreens.

These are extremely creamy, go on smooth and will leave a stain behind. Obviously, the darker ones will stain better. That red especially. I normally don't go for red but this one works for me.

And speaking of Wet n Wild, I got this palette of Coloricon shadows.

I love how they've indicated where each color should go and on the back gave suggestions for specific looks. 

Also from Walgreens, I picked up these Jordana lip products.

l to r: FYI, Gorgeous Peony, Candied Coral, BTW, Matte Tease

The two lip glosses, FYI and BTW, have that straight tipped applicator and aren't at all sticky when applied. They leave a nice shine behind. 

Gorgeous Peony and Candied Coral are balm stains. They aren't nearly as creamy as the Wet n Wild and go on a bit more matte. They will also leave some stain behind.

Matte Tease is the only lipstick I have from Jordana at the moment. It is easy to apply and on the creamy side. It does have a nice matte finish that doesn't feel dry at all. I do recommend keeping the product rolled down within the tube where it will be protected. I have damaged the end by not doing that.

And then I found these at Walgreens.

Can you hear angels singing? Yes, these are Real Techniques brushes. I could not believe it. I've been wanting the powder brush for a hot minute. Walgreens was doing a special at the time, by one get one half off as well as 3000 points when purchased. How could I resist?

Back to the makeup.

Since I'm having such a nice experience with the Maybelline Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser, I decided to try the foundation as well. Haven't put it on yet but I will post a review when I do use it.

I also decided to try a primer. The E.L.F Mineral Face Primer was suggested to me and I got it.

It does seem to keep my foundation in place and not let it pool in the pores and fine lines (and wrinkles - blah).

Next, I decided to try the Maybelline Master Hi-Light. This color combo is entitled Nude.

I did put this over what I was wearing a few days ago and really liked how it looked on me. I might pick up at least one more of these next time I'm in Walgreens.

From CVS, I picked up a couple of the Bella Eyes shadows by Milani.

 l to r: Bella Rose, Bella Gray

I have been wanting to do a pink/gray eye ever since I saw the look on YouTube but didn't have the right kind of colors already. Haven't used these yet either but will post when I do the look.

Another look I've been inspired to try will use L'Oreal Infallible shadows Amber Rush, Iced Latte and Endless Pearl.

 l to r: Amber Rush, Iced Latte, Endless Pearl

I just think these colors look good together. I already had Amber Rush so when I was in the grocery store, of all places, I saw the other two and could only imagine what these three would look like together. Sounds like yet another future post to me.

Also at the grocery store, I found this little number and it was on sale, even. It's a lip pencil by Maybelline in the color Pink.

This was a closeout, actually, which tells me I might not be able to find it again. A shame, really, because this matches my lips perfectly.

Also from the grocery store, I picked up this shadow duo by Maybelline.

There are a lot of negative reviews on the Color Molten shadows but this duo seems to be a favorite. I did look at the others but they were more sparkly than I would wear on a regular basis and frankly, looked a lot like shadows I already own.

And now, for the highlight of this post. Drumroll please...

If you've never heard of W7, don't feel bad. I hadn't either until I saw these on Amazon. You've probably heard about the Urban Decay Naked palettes, I'll bet, and the Lightly Toasted one is supposed to be a dead on dupe for the first one UD put out. Can't say yay or nay on that since I don't own any of the UD Nakeds and probably won't considering how pricey they are.

These come in little tins that remind me a lot of the watercolor tins I used to get as a kid. There are 12 shadows in each tin. The In the Night tin has the more glittery and smokey eye inspired shadows while Lightly Toasted has more neutral shades.

top: In The Night, bottom: Lightly Toasted 

I went ahead and ordered these after seeing the really good reviews on YouTube. They are supposed to be well pigmented and blend nicely. I can attest to that to a certain extent - I only tried a couple on the back of my hand and they did seem to work quite well. 

top: In The Night, bottom: Lightly Toasted

The other thing I love about these is that they put the names of the shadows on the back of the tins. The cost for each of these was less than $10 compared to over $50 for the Urban Decay shadows. Maybe when I make my first million as an author, I'll splurge - if they still make them by then.

Along with these two, I had also ordered one called Natural Nudes, another UD Naked dupe, but the seller had to cancel that one because of demand. There is a fourth tin called In The Buff, which is yet another UD Naked dupe. These are originally out of the UK so getting my hands on the other two will totally depend on if the seller already has them in the country. 

I think that's it. You might see more of these massive haul posts in the future. I'm hoping to develop a regular post schedule now that I've expanded the blog to include makeup and skin care. Oh, and the huge spaces you see at the sides and possibly at the bottom are where ads will be once Google gives their ok. Yes, people. I'm going commercial. Gotta feed the cosmetics habit somehow.

And speaking of that, my next haul post will definitely include the three Urban Decay Naked dupes done by Coastal Scents, another company I hadn't heard of until I saw them on Amazon. I hear they are also well made and nicely pigmented. I'll let you know once they get here next week.

Let's call this one done, shall we? Thanks for reading (and reading and reading) and stay tuned.


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