Wednesday, July 8, 2015

My First Glossybox!

Oh, Happy Hump Day!

I am beyond excited to be sharing my first Glossybox with you. It just arrived today and I am so impressed.

For those that possibly don't know about Glossybox, it is a monthly subscription service that delivers 5 surprise luxury beauty products right to your door. The cost is $21 per month but after seeing the July box, I can say with confidence that you really do get more than your money's worth. No way I'd be able to buy some of the items I received at their full prices.

The box is customized to fit the beauty profile you are asked to fill out when you join. A very nice detail that really helps them fill your box with things that you will actually use. 

This is one of four that I've signed up for this month. I will also receive something from Ipsy ($10.00), Birchbox ($10.00) and Boxycharm ($21.00). Depending on how the others stack up, I will then decide which ones to keep and which ones to opt out of. Or keep them all. 

On to the Glossybox, er, box!

The box arrives in a heavy duty cardboard mailer.

Can't show you the entire thing because my address happens to be on this same side. There is a helpful little tab so you can quickly rip the box open because you're so excited to see what's inside.

Box within a box! Lovely pink, embossed with the Glossybox logo. And inside this box...

Voila! This is the first thing I saw and this little mascara alone made me squeal. 

Untie the bow, rip off the tissue paper and....

Squee! Super impressed. The card tells you all about the box contents, including what the full sizes cost and believe it or not there are two full sizes in this box. Let us explore further, shall we?

I remember using some Nexxus products ages ago but had to give them up because they are on the pricey side. This is the conditioner, step two of a three-step system for colored hair. And no, this is not actually one of the two full-sized products but this isn't exactly a sample size either. Somewhere in the middle would be my guess. 

The full-size is 13.5 oz. and goes for $16.99. I was at the grocery store earlier and saw the shampoo and the step 3 product. I'm thinking of getting the other two then trying this out when I have my hair colored again in a couple of months. I don't think just using this conditioner with my other shampoo will be a very good road test. I'll definitely post my thoughts once I've had a chance to use the entire system.

Next, the green stuff in the tube.

This is actually a full-sized product. It's a brand I've never heard of before so I did the Google thing. Love Google!

Etre Belle is a German company based in the Stuttgart region, founded by a man named Harry Emich more than 30 years ago. Definitely high-end. The price for this 1.36 oz. tube? $24.95. Yowza, as one of our favorite Doctors would say.

I have to admit, though, this stuff is quite nice. It has a cooling effect and does seem to hydrate. The scent is hard to describe but makes me think of summer. I want to say it's like tanning lotion but it actually smells better than that. Not strong though. I will be using this sparingly since I won't be able to afford it when it runs out.


How about some Two Faced Better Than Sex Mascara?

I have heard so much about this magical stuff that I really wanted to try it. And now I can. Doin' the happy dance!

The color is black and that brush is really interesting. Kind of an hour glass shape. I will definitely report back once I've used this. Can't wait! The cost of a full-size version is $23.00 so I'll be using this one sparingly as well until I feel I can afford to go for the full-size. Which I probably will if it lives up to the hype.

Now. On to things I can actually swatch for you.

The other full-sized product in this box is a lovely lip gloss from another company I've never heard of - Doucce Cosmetics. So, off I went, a-Googling again.

Based in NYC, their name is inspired by the French word "douce", which means new and elegant. Prices are right in line with Urban Decay, It Cosmetics and Stila. This particular lip gloss runs $22.00, which I probably would not go for on a regular basis but more as a special treat.

As for the color....

There was no name on the actual packaging other than the number, which is 703. I did find it on their website, however, and the name is Cranberry Delight. I call it perfect for me. 

I would describe this color as a neutral, deep peachy tone, which falls right into line with the kind of lip products I've been purchasing lately. Ok. Binge buying. There. I've said it.

This gloss feels so good on. It does have a light scent as well as flavor, but I'm having a hard time placing it. Definitely candy-like. Pink Sugar, possibly. I have a Revo lip balm I got from Walgreens in Pink Sugar and they smell and taste very similar. 

What next? Oh, yes. How could I forget? Nail polish!

This cute little bottle of Orly polish is another one that falls into line with what I'm liking lately. The name is Pure Porcelain and I love the milky beige of this polish.

Two fast coats here. I will probably do a third coat when I wear this as a full manicure. Formula is excellent, as usual, and as you can see, it dries to a soft shine. 

As I said, the monthly cost of Glossybox is $21.00 but considering that the two full-sized products alone are worth a total of $46.95, well worth it. The sample sizes are just icing on this particular cake. 

Whew! Long post but I hope you enjoyed sharing my first Glossybox with me. You know I'll share the others when they do arrive. I've also got some orders I'm waiting on. Probably went a little overboard but it's only makeup. Right?

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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