Sunday, July 12, 2015

Orly Pure Porcelain Revisited & So Much Goodness

Happy Sunday.  Racing a storm to get this up. 

I did a full manicure with Orly Pure Porcelain. Shall we take another look at this beauty?

Ah. Oh. Ahem.

This is two rather thick coats - just kind turned out that way. I love the pinky beige of this polish. I thought it would be the perfect base for a gradient I'm planning using these two polishes from Wet n Wild.

That would be I Need A Refresh-Mint on the left and Candy-licious on the right. When I tested these on white paper, they do kind of turn into a lovely purple when mixed together but I want to make sure both colors shine through, thus the neutral base.

Instead of taping my fingers or just winging it, I'm going to use a peel off latex - for the first time. This should be interesting. The product I will be using came from a new to me indie called So Much Goodness

Based in northern Ohio, So Much Goodness is run by the lovely Stephanie Goetz. Steph has come up with lots of wonderful products and has plans for lots more. Based on the two I've experienced so far, I'm looking forward to trying some more and seeing what she comes up with next.

One of her mainstays is a cuticle oil she calls Nail Ale...

..which is a wonderful nail oil that includes jojoba, olive, grapeseed, avocado and almond oils along with vitamin E and essential fragrance oils of your choice. There are plenty of scents to choose from - something for everybody, you might say. I got the Key Lime and wow! It smells so good. And works so good, too. This oil is definitely part my nail care arsenal now. 

For those with nut allergies, she also offers a coconut blend, which replaces the avocado and almond oils with coconut oil. Nut oils can also be replaced with apricot oil. Just let her know what you prefer when you order.

Her Talon Tonic is a fast working, non-drying nail polish remover that also comes in a boat load of 'flavors'.

I got Key Lime in this one as well - that sticker is so cute. And the remover actually does smell more limey than like polish remover. The remover is made up of pure acetone, glycerine, and water as well as some of the cuticle oil and vitamin E. I have yet to give it the toughest test, though - removing glitter. I'll give that a try and report back.

The latex product is called Purple Nurple and is ammonia free.

Now, I've never used liquid latex before so I did do a small swatch on the back of my hand - no reaction, so I'm good to go with it. If you know you are allergic then this one won't be for you. I'm excited to put it to the test. 

Lots of goodness to try with So Much Goodness. Steph's just created a Dream Cream that I'm dying to try. You'll also find some nail art tools as well as manicure tools. 

And everything just turned a funky greenish yellow outside so I think I'd better end this here.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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