Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Reviewed: Beauty Box 5 - The Shop


Today I have products and samples I received from another monthly beauty box company, Beauty Box 5. These products and samples are from an order I placed, not the actual subscription box.

The monthly cost for the subscription box is $12. For that $12, they will send out 5 deluxe samples and full-sized products. Apparently, I did not sign up in time to receive the July box but I am looking forward to the one they’ll send out for August based on what I received with my purchase from them.

They also offer a quarterly subscription for $30, which saves $6. The yearly subscription runs $99 but saves $45. Once I get my first box and see how I like it, I will opt for the yearly subscription.

After I signed up, I received an email stating that I could get up to 5 samples with any order. So I went and ordered. Unfortunately, one of the five samples I requested had apparently sold out so I ended up with only 4 but that’s cool.

When the box arrived, it was stuffed with all this.

Part of this came from the $5 Frenzy Box, which included over $50 in makeup, skincare, and haircare. I just checked and this particular box has sold out, but they do have some other bundles available for purchase. 

There was a mineral eyeshadow from Marsk in Vanilla Frosting.

This is a loose powder shadow with tons of sparkle and shine. This tiny pot is actually the full sized product and retails for $24.

Also included was a deluxe sample size of a rosemary and eucalyptus body creme from Elite Therapeutics.

This stuff smells so nice. The rosemary and eucalyptus scents go so well together. This was a deluxe sample and would retail for $1.19.

I also received deluxe sample 4-pack of skin care products by Eslor.

This is a higher end skincare brand based in the United States. Probably not a brand I will purchase but I will give the samples a try and report back. To let you know how high-end this brand is, just the sample pack alone would retail for $17.91.

Now this product is really what sold me on this particular sample box. This is the Dentek On-The-Go Floss Picks and Case.

I use these dental picks instead of floss because it is so hard for me to get the floss to my very back teeth. My mouth might be compared to the TARDIS - bigger on the inside than is is on the outside. My lips only stretch so far and the dental picks help me do that necessary flossing on those back teeth. To have this case that I can carry around in my purse will be very nice. There were two included in the box. The retail price is $1.24. Not sure if that’s for both or just one. 

The hair product included is from HASK. It’s the Macadamia Moisturizing Hair Oil and it is a full size.

I’m looking forward to trying this. Along with macadamia nut oil, this has jojoba oil, keratin protein and vitamin E. This retails for $2.99 and I might get up to 3 uses out of it since my hair isn’t that long. The tube is resealable.

Next, a dual ended lip balm from Chapstick.

One end is for daytime use. It has SPF 12. The other end is for use at night. Both ends are unflavored. Retails for $2.99.

The last product in the Frenzy box is a deluxe sample from Dove Body Wash. 

I don’t normally use body wash since I tend to have sensitive skin but I will give this a shot. Retails for $0.71.

Total value on this box: $51.03. I paid $5 for it. Good deal.

Now, the other purchased products - there’s only 3.

I got the L’Oreal Voluminous Smoldering Eye Liner in black. I know that tip looks weird but I Googled it and that is what the thing actually looks like. Weird but I’ll use it. Price was $8.95.

The lip glosses are by the brand Laugh Out Loud.

The top one is called Call Me Babe. The bottom one is called Cherry Blossom. Cost was $3.99 each.

And the four samples I received of the five that I chose.

First, the Freeman Bare Foot Peppermint & Plum Creamy Pumice foot scrub.

Haven’t tried it yet but I’m looking forward to it. This is a deluxe sample size and though I couldn’t find it on the Freeman website, other sample sizes sell for $0.99.

The remaining three are all skin care products.

From a brand called Aquafirm+, I got the h2o+ Micro-Collagen Moisturizer.

The full size version (50 ml) of this goes for $50. The sample size is 8 ml. Doing the math, this sample is worth $8.

From a brand called Airelle, I got their Facial Serum.

The full size of this product (25 ml) goes for a whopping $158. The sample is 7 ml, which makes it worth $44.24. This is a free sample, folks. Just amazing.

And from Lashem, I got the Picture Perfect Instant Wrinkle Reducer.

This is for the eye area. The full size of this (15 ml) goes for $40. There is supposed to be 5 ml in this little tube, making it worth $13.35. At first, I thought there might be nothing in it because it feels extremely light but there is so I will be trying this out.

That is a lot of stuff. Including shipping, I paid $26.93 for everything I received. Total value, however, (are you sitting down?) is $133.55.

I don’t know about you but I’m blown away. This is the power of these monthly beauty boxes. Somehow, they manage to strike these fabulous deals with some of these higher end brands and we get all the benefit of it. Of course, if the stuff doesn’t work, it’s not as much of a deal but so far, I’ve received product samples that I have used or will use and I have found some terrific new products as a result. 

I’ll still have the actual subscription box to review for August as well as the one from Allure. I should also be receiving my first Allure box in August.

If you’ve made it this far, thanks so much for sticking with me. I know this was a long post.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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