Tuesday, July 14, 2015

So Much Goodness Purple Nurple Liquid Latex

Happy Tuesday! Hands up all those who are tired of stormy weather. Got both of mine up and yes, I am once again racing yet another bad nasty to get this post up.

As promised, I did a gradient using these polishes....

...and the liquid latex I got from So Much Goodness, Purple Nurple.

This is my first time using a liquid latex instead tape and I have to say, this was much easier. I do, however, need a bit more practice putting it on and taking it off.

I applied the polish directly to the sponge and...

...ta-da! Major mess. But thanks to the latex...

...not nearly as much clean up. I used a tweezer to pull the bits off.

Here's the results after a bit more cleanup and topcoat.

Not perfect but I'm happy with it. I really like how the blue on the tips really washed out. 

I'll be purchasing more of this miracle stuff from Steph. You can get your own at So Much Goodness by clicking on the shop name.

And le storm is upon me and the tornado siren just went off so I'll say toodles now.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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  1. All clear. Hardly worth shutting everything down but you never know. The tornadic activity was east of me. No word yet if it actually was a tornado.