Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Today's Face & Some Wear Test Updates

Happy Tuesday!

Just wanted to do a quick update on a few of the makeup products I've been using.

First, the eyeshadows out of that NYX Smokey Look palette are, in a word, awesome. The contour, highlight and blushes as well, although they don't seem to be as pigmented as the shadows.

I've created several looks so far using this palette. Here is what I did today.

Before I speak again about the Covergirl Stay Luminous foundation, I need to say that I did start using a primer. I noticed that, even as creamy as this foundation is, when I smile, it creases. So I picked up the E.L.F. Mineral Face Primer and I think it does pretty well. This is seven hours after I did my makeup. Still looks fresh to me. Two coats of foundation really hide the redness of my cheeks, as well. I'm just so pleased with these products.

On my cheeks, I used the matte brown contour and slightly shimmery white highlighter that came in the NYX kit then used the pink blush. 

As for the eyes...

Seven hours after application and there is little to no creasing. I used a medium golden tone with some shimmer on the lid then a matte milk chocolate brown at the edge and in the crease. The highlight is a matte beige. Then I blended it all with a clean shadow brush to eliminate any harsh lines. My eyes I lined with another matte medium brown shadow. 

Both the shadows and the blush/contour/highlight really last.

And in case you're wondering what is on my lips...it's a combination of two lip colors.

In both pictures the top one is Coral of the Story from Wet n Wild and the bottom is Candied Coral from Jordana. Candied Coral looks darker than Coral of the Story in the top photo but actually isn't. Each one looks different when worn separately but I really like the two combined. 

For my look, I used Candied Coral first then topped it with Coral of the Story. Candied Coral goes on rather matte and isn't all that creamy. Coral of the Story is very creamy and goes on shiny but if you blot, it will leave a lovely stain behind on your bare lips. I have more of these to show in a later post.

I also want to point out the under eyes. Pardon the sort of angry/drunk look but I wanted a picture without my smile lines.

I have rather dark circles under my eyes. To deal with it, I've been using the yellow corrector from the Wet n Wild Coverall Correcting Palette before foundation.

After applying foundation, I use the new Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser in Neutralizer to brighten up the area.

It has a sponge-tipped applicator that works pretty well. 

Following some YouTube tutorials, I applied this in a triangle beneath my eyes then blended with my Real Techniques sponge.

I am still amazed at the staying power of all these products. I used to believe that in order to have a makeup look that lasted, you have to use all products from the same product line. Not so much any longer, apparently. I think makeup formulas have definitely improved over the years. Plus, my skin is much dryer now than it used to be and that probably helps.

Hmmm. Didn't I say this would be a quick update? Um, maybe not. But that is all I have for today. I do have a couple of haul posts to do. I just can't seem to walk into a Walgreens without buying something. I'm weak. I admit it.

Anyway, I'll do those over the next couple of days and there will be at least one more polish post before the weekend. Swatch Day Sunday will be back with polishes I've had for a while but never got around to swatching them.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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