Sunday, August 2, 2015

Event: Ohio Nail Girls Meet Up!

Happy Sunday! 

I was so tired last night from all of the fun we had at the meet up that I actually went to bed not long after I got home at around 9:30 pm then slept in until 10:30 am today. I think I have a too-much-fun hangover. No alcohol needed. 

The meet up took place in Canton, Ohio at the Body Spa Banquet.

Our lovely hostesses were Emily Draher (also known as The Lacquerologist and one of the proprietors of Body Spa Banquet), and Rachel Ciardi and Miranda Kraft, the masterminds behind Ever After Polish.

Ever After Polish is more than just polish, by the way. They also offer lots of other good stuff like bubble bath, hand scrubs, mani squares and fizzies. In addition to purchasing a couple of their polishes, I also ended up with a couple of their other products. Will share more on all that in a later post.

There were also sweet treats..

..and goodie bags from Ever After as well as a new brand up and coming indie, Kelly’s Creative Chaos. No shopping link for Kelly yet but she's working on getting a shop up and running. I'll keep tabs on that and share the link when it exists.

I'm looking forward to putting that neon pink on my nails, possibly even today.

..and, as you might expect, there was polish....

Boy, was there polish. We all just piled our swaps on the table then went around looking and picking up whatever caught our eye. Some of us made more than one trip around that table. Even with multiple trips, there was plenty of polish left over, which got chucked into a plastic bin to be saved for next years meet up.

I store some of my polish in plastic envelope storage containers and took two of them stuffed full of bottles. On that table, my polish takes up that entire corner on the upper right. 

I did not, however, come home with even that much.

More details on all of this to come. 

There was a fairy tale theme for this meet up and many of the girls did fairy tale nail art. Sorry to say, I did not. I was going to do a water marble and say it was a tribute to the fairy tale that water marbling is easy. Alas, I did not have time to water marble so I went with a very pale pink from Sinful Colors called Easy Going.

Easy Going is a pale, milky, peachy pink - at least this version is. There is another one that shows more pink in the bottle. I'll have comparison swatches of that later along with a second version of Social Ladder that I discovered at the same time at Walgreens. The difference there is one is more pink while the other is more purple - in the bottles. We'll see if that difference also translates to the nails.

And no, I did not have that accent nail when I arrived. That little beauty is one of the candidates for the Ever After Fall collection that Rachel had on hand to show us.

Lookit all that pretty right there in Rachel’s hands. That pink one there in the bottom left is an excellent sheer topper. When I said it would look good over my polish, she handed it to me and said, “Do an accent nail.” So, I did. Shall we look at this one up close and personal?

Is that not pretty or what? A sheer pink base with lots of colorful flakies as well as gold glittery goodness. Definitely a must have and I think it will be in there for the Ever After Fall collection. And by the way, there is no top coat over that bad boy. It's that shiny all by itself. 

A coffee shop in the same plaza, Muggswigz, also made a special drink for the occasion - the Fairytale Latte. This was a latte made with rose and chocolate syrups. I meant to get one for the drive home but completely forgot about it. Those that did have it said it was delicious.  

For dinner, we invaded a local place just down the street from the Body Spa Banquet called The Winking Lizard. Love that name. I had the Western Burger and it was so good. The fries were these fat, crispy things - yummy! There are two in the Columbus, Ohio area and I think I might just have to introduce my friends to this place. 

As if all this wasn’t enough, this box came before I left to go to the meet up.

No, it didn’t come from Walgreens. I just used the stickie to cover up my address.

And inside....

Lots of goodies from e.l.f. to share.....later. My energy is really in the basement despite the strong coffee I’m drinking.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.

To be continued..


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